4 Ideas For Beach Theme Weddings

Beach Theme Weddings

Beach weddings are a very upcoming and new concept these days for weddings. Many people want to do something new and unique for their beach wedding. People usually come up with great ideas and themes but have a lot of difficulty in implementing the same. For any wedding party to be successful it is important that both planning and execution are well done.

Hence, we can say that for any beach wedding great planning and great execution are equally important. If there is an imbalance then things do not remain the same and the party is not up to the mark. These days people concentrate on have theme weddings at the beach. It is a new and exciting concept.

The theme of the wedding is pre planned and the wedding invitations are sent accordingly. There are numerous ideas which a person can implement for a theme wedding at a beach. A lot of your imagination depends on your creativity and promptness. There are a few ideas for beach theme weddings which are mentioned below.

Ideas For Beach Theme Weddings

Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding theme will have the main focus on the past years. These days vintage things are back in fashion. Clothes styles, hairstyles, accessories etc. all which were worn in the past are again very much in fashion. In a way we can definitely say that old is the new fashion. Hence, for a vintage theme wedding everything in the venue should be such that a person feels that he/she is living again in the long gone year.

The environment and the aura of the venue shall be such that people do not feel that they are living in a very modern and advanced environment. The dress code should be of the years of nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties. The decoration should also be of things that remind you of the past. Play retro music and all these will help you achieve an absolutely amazing environment for the theme.

Valentine’s Day Theme

Valentine's Day Theme

Wedding is a lot about love. So, if you keep the theme of the wedding of as Valentine’s Day, it will just be perfect. All the decorations shall be in red and the dress code shall also be of the same color.

Beach has a very romantic feel and environment. So, if your beach wedding theme is Valentine’s Day it will be great as you will not have to make a special effort to create the right mood.

Beach Wear Theme

Beach Wear Theme

You could theme a simple theme, that is, beach wear. Girls could wear sarongs while the men could wear shorts. This will be casual dressing and many people enjoy it.

It will help you set the right mood for a beach wedding. In this way people will also get to enjoy the beach venue and will not have to pack extra luggage.

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Make it compulsory for everyone attending the venue to have ornaments made of flower on them. Girls have wear bangles, earrings etc. while men can wear garlands. This is an interesting theme and has a lot of fun involved in it.

These are a few theme beach wedding ideas. Always remember to utilize the beauty of the beach side for your theme wedding. Never go for a decoration or theme which you feel will spoil the natural beauty of a beach wedding. Keep the decorations simple and enjoy the theme wedding.