Four Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party

You are throwing a birthday party for your kid, but don’t know what games and activities to include. Well, here’s the solution to your problem. We will discuss some very exciting games and fun activities for a birthday party. Make sure that every kid participates in these games and no kid should feel left out. Birthday games are fun, exciting and kids loves to indulge in them for hours.

Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party

Moreover, it also gives them a bit of physical activity and sets the party in perfect mood. Let’s get to know a few fun games for kids birthday party.

Fun Games For Kids Birthday Party

Balloon Darts

This is one of the most popular games among kids, where each of the kid will be given a balloon and he or she will use it as a dart. To make this game started, you need a few things like a cardboard, some balloons and a masking tape. The cardboard is the target and should be properly taped on the wall with the masking tape.

Now, distribute all the balloons to kids. They will have to blow them and compete with each other as in aiming their balloons towards the target board. Make sure to draw a 10 feet distance line from the target board. The player whose balloon will be nearest to the target board will be the winner of the game.

Balloon Darts Games For Kids Birthday Party

Simon Says

This is totally a fun and indulging game for kids. Here, one player will be given the role of the leader and other kids will follow his actions. The leader has to make different actions each time while saying “Simon Says”. During a few times, the leader will perform actions while omitting “Simon Says.” Now, the ones who will copy the actions in this case will be eliminated from the game till the last player. The key to this game is to be alert and focused.

Simon Says Games For Kids Birthday Party

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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is one of the fascinating outdoor games for kids. If you are falling short of outdoor space, you can even do this indoors. Here, the kids should be more in number and should not be limited.

The basic theme of the game is to make the kids find hidden objects or hidden locations. You can hide small gifts in various parts of the party venue and tell the kids to start finding them. Here, the kids can also make teams and partners to make the game all the more exciting.

Treasure Hunt Games For Kids Birthday Party

Candy Toss

This is a one of the most simple yet very indulgent game for a birthday party. You will need wrapped candy pieces, 5-6 bowls along with a masking tape. Start by creating a line on the floor with the help of the masking tape and start placing the bowls on the line with equal distance between them. Tell all the kids to stand in a line so that every kid will get a fair chance to participate one by one. Now, each kid will toss his candy in the bowl and the one who will toss the candy in the maximum covered distance will be the winner of the game.

Candy Toss Games For Kids Birthday Party