Four Bridal Hairdos For Wedding

Hair is a special beauty with which a girl has been gifted. It always makes her look prettier and much more beautiful. A bad hair day has the capacity to spoil a girl’s mood. A girl usually has mood swings depending on the kind of a hair day she has. It is very important for a girl to take proper and good care of her hair. It is very important that a girl does her hair well.

The style and look of a girl’s hair can either spoil the look or enhance the look of her. A well done and well kept hair will always make a girl look beautiful while an untidy and ill kept hair will always spoil her look. Hence, on her wedding day a bride wants her hair to be well done. She wants her bridal hair do to be great. It should be flawless. Some of the bridal hairdos are mentioned below.

Types Of Bridal Hairdos For Wedding


A ponytail is one of the commonest hair updos which a girl can think about. Majority of the girls do this hairstyle on a daily basis. A ponytail is a hairstyle which is done by drawing the hair at the back and the same is tied at the back of her head. There are many ways in which a ponytail can be done.


It can be a high or low ponytail. To make a ponytail look a little fancier you can make a beehive at the front of your hair. This is a very chic and classy type of a hair style for hair updos. It will always give the bride a different look. it will look great on a bride.


Another name for plaits is braids. This is another very commonly done hairstyles for hair updos. It is usually done by school going girls. They give a girl a very neat and tidy appearance. Plaits are done by twisting a girl’s hair.


You can form one single plait, two plaits or many plaits from your hair. A single plait or two plaits are done for a simple look while multiple plaits are done for a funky and trendy look. This is a simple hairstyle and if it is done properly it looks very elegant and nice. This is a very upcoming bridal hair do.


A bun is the easiest hairstyle to be done. If you have a good length of hair you will know the benefit of buns. They are simple and the best way to pull up your hair at one shot. A bun is a hairstyle in which a girl’s hairstyle is drawn back into a coil at the back of the head.


You can try different buns to get different looks. You can try the side buns, high or low buns depending o the look you want. Buns need to be done well to get the right look that you want. Buns will give the bride a neat and tidy look. it is very easy to handle.


This is a hairstyle in which a person’s hair is styled to puff out in a rounded shape. A bouffant is a hairstyle in which a person’s hair is pulled up to the top and hangs from the sides. It is a new and different hairstyle and not many people opt for it. This will give a new look to the bride, if a bride wants to be innovative she shall opt for this hairstyle.

bouffant hair

These are a few bridal hairdos which a bride can opt for. These are a few interesting styles. Some of these are commonly done by brides and some of these are not very commonly done by bride. Always remember to do a hair updo which suits you and not because it is in fashion. Since, you are the bride all eyes will be on you. So, be confident of your look and do not feel nervous.