6 Food Ideas For A Princess Theme Party

Food Ideas For A Princess Theme Party

Princess themed parties are normally arranged for birthday girls, who are often more attached to the imagination of princesses and fairy tales. So, if you are planning to surprise your little daughter by arranging a princess party for her birthday, then here are some food ideas you can think of including in your party.

However, the ideas are diverse and you can definitely try to think of something else that will match the theme of your daughter’s birthday party. But everything that you incorporate into the party should go in tune with the theme of the party and should definitely make your cute little daughter feel special and elegant like a princess. So, happy partying.

Princess Party Cake Ideas

1. Princess Cake

Fancy princess cakes are essential to princess themed birthday parties. Make your daughter feel like a princess on her birthday party. You would do anything to make your daughter feel special like a princess then why should you leave out the special cake that whispers life and excitement into the whole party?

Beautiful and colorful princess cakes are now-a-days very easily available with the quality bakeries. But if you want to add more love and care to it, they you may also try carve out a princess shaped cake on you won for your daughter.

Princess Cake

2. Princess Castle Cakes

If you want to create something on your own for your little daughter, but finding it a little difficult to make a princess shaped cake then the best and easy thing you can do is to craft a beautiful pinkish princess castle cake for your princess.

Princess castle cakes can be very easily prepared by shaping and arranging normal sheet cakes and then covering the entire cake with pink icing and some glitzy decoration here and there to add more fun.

Princess Castle Cakes

Princess Party Main Dish Ideas

3. Star Shaped Sandwiches

Fill the sandwiches with colorful fillings like carrot and beet root paste and use a large cookie cutter to cut out a large star or heart shaped sandwich. These are easy to make and have a cute and girly look that will nicely blend with the theme of your party and will also make your daughter enjoy her meal.

Star Shaped Sandwiches

4. Royal Drumsticks

Prepare glazed drumsticks for your little guests. These drumsticks should be similar in look to those that kings and queens munched-on in the medieval period.

Apart from that, these healthy and delicious chicken drumsticks should also serve the purpose of filling up the little stomachs of your girl’s friends which help them remain energetic during the party.

Royal Drumsticks

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Princess Party Snack Ideas

5. Caramel Popcorns

Caramel popcorns are amazing as snacks for princess themed birthday parties. These are golden in color which will give a feeling like gold nuggets to the kids. And the best part is that they will be able to munch on it even while playing games.

Caramel Popcorns

6. Colorful Cookies

You can carve out interesting star, heart, frog or butterfly shaped cookies and add a little pink coloring to the dough to make it look girly. Decorate the cookies with glitters and sprinkles to add more fun to the food.

Colorful Cookies