Flamboyant Sunflower Wedding Theme

Sunflower Wedding Theme Summer would be the ideal time to have the wedding and a theme that completes this picture would be a sunflower theme. The party can be hosted in the lawn of your house, if you are not having a large crowd. If you are having a large gathering, it is best to organize the wedding in the lawn of a hotel.

This theme is extremely easy to envisage and at the same time, to procure all the products for this theme is easy and vastly available in the market. As the sunflower symbolises “long life and good luck”, let the couple embark on their lovely life together.

Sunflower Wedding Theme



It is trouble- free to craft the invitation cards at home, and is easy on your pockets. Choose a sunflower template off the internet and print this on the card, the kind of paper can be a handcrafted paper, and it looks lovely to look at. The card can be one page, and the middle of the card can have the details of the function.

Wedding Dresses

Let yellow be the base colour of this theme, the bride can be dressed in a light yellow frilly gown, with sparkles on it. Instead of wearing a tiara, the bride can wear a headband made with sunflower, this will look really attractive.

The bride’s maids can be dressed in peach colour short dresses, it is better to keep the colour of the dresses to neutral, so that everything is sublime. The bouquets for the brides and the bride’s maids can be sunflowers with red roses tied in a bunch with polka dotted black lace.

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To keep the centre piece decoration, on the table straightforward, arrange glass flower vases with long stalked sunflower in it. Another alternative is to cut off the stalks of the sun flowers and this would float well, in a brass bowl filled with water, this adds a rustic charm.


Let the corners of the hall be lit with yellow, scented candles, this sets through amazing aroma and adds the sparkle to the room. The pathway through where the bride and the groom enter, sprinkle yellow flowers on the floor, this would look exquisite.


Sunflower seeds, packed in glass jars, with a red ribbon around the neck would be the perfect gift for this theme. If you have lot of kids for the function, arrange for separate favors for them, order for lollipops that are yellow in colour, and pack them in colourful glitter papers. If you are having a tea party sunflower shaped cookies, would be the ideal snack.

To suit the colour scheme, let the drink be lemonade with mint leaves with a hint of yellow tinge. This would be extremely refreshing summer drink and awesome to look at. The perfect, wedding cake would be a four tiered, cup cake stand, adorned with cup cakes in different flavours such as lemon, chocolate, vanilla and banana cakes.

Decorate the cakes, with a yummy butter cream frosting, with yellow gel colour and a sugar sunflower decoration. These cakes are easy to be baked at home. Yellow colour signifies joy and happiness; let the couple embark on their married life, with paramount wishes and the success of a flawless wedding function.