Five Unusual Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts If lately you have been thinking to gift something unique and original to your sister’s child then you must have gone through the common list of things like clothes, toys, etc. and would have found them boring and repetitive. The good news is that you do not need to lose your heart.

There are still many unique things which can be gifted to babies and which can qualify as something new and useful for the babies. Every time one does not need to think that clothes and toys are baby’s needs. One needs to think beyond in terms of baby’s emotional and mental growth also and voila! We are ready with a list of unusual yet useful gifts.

Best Unusual Gifts For Baby

Board Books

Colorful and bright board books make a very unique and useful gift for babies. Parents get tired of stocking heaps and heaps of gifted clothes. In fact, most of them go waste because of their abundance. In such a scene board books make a wonderful gift.

They are available in market for all age groups including infants. Gifting board books makes an unusual gift which parents of the babies will certainly use as soon as they are gifted.

A Big Packet Of Diapers

Diaper pack

Disposable diapers are something, mommies need in huge numbers and yet people tend to neglect this important item of daily use. You can gift the parents a big packet of diapers and be assured that they will not stop thanking you enough for this highly useful and unusual gift.

A Beautiful Fruit Bearing Bonsai Tree

A bonsai fruit bearing tree can be a very unique and beautiful gift. Gift the baby something like orange or apple tree, planted in a colorful pot. You can get the baby’s name printed on the pot in bright colors. In the later years, when the tree will bear fruits, the baby can be proud of the moment when the beautiful tree was gifted to her.

Baby Carrier

All babies are fond of going out for a walk in the pleasant evenings and certainly all the parents love to take their babies out for long walks. But sometimes it gets quite taxing for mommies or papas to carry babies in their lap for long distances. A colorful and vibrant sling or baby carrier comes handy at such times.

Baby Carrier

Gift a strong and bright baby carrier to the baby and give way to her excursions. Do not hesitate from gifting unusual gifts to babies. They may seem odd in the beginning but soon you will find your first step will set a new trend for baby gifts.

Scrap Book

We are not talking about the run of the mill scrap books available in the market. We are talking about a customized homemade scrap book which you can dedicate for all ‘firsts’ of the baby.

The parents can mention all the first attempts of baby through her growing years. You can designate spaces in the book where parents can paste things like baby’s first hair from hair cut, nails from nail clippings, etc.