Five Rocking Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Teenage Birthday Party

Rocking Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

If you are tired and bored of celebrating your teens birthday with same birthday party ideas year after year, and are looking for some fresh, funny, rocking party themes, then here is a sure shot recipe of a party which all the teens will love and their friends will remember for a long time.

Teens today have a great yearning for independence . They are daring , and as a party theme they need something crazy, something out going or better to say something of their style .You should keep this in mind when you plan to throw an amazing party for them. Unlimited fun , exciting food, and rocking music clubbed with a cool theme is the key for a sensational party.

Unique Ideas For Teenage Birthday Party

The Playing Cards Theme Party

Playing Cards Theme  For Teenage Birthday Party

This one is a fresh party theme tor teenagers . Select few of the best available pics of the birthday boy/girl . Scan, copy, paste these photographs to make a scrap page of A-4 size . Design another same size page with eight playing cards per sheet and this way set all fifty two cards of a pack.

Now on one side of the A-4 size thick photographic paper, print the scrap page ,and on the other side ,print above designed page of playing cards. Cut them , and a special card pack with pics of the birthday boy /girl is ready. Make as many card packs as required. so as to gift each guest, a pack as return gift.

Use the scrap page for invitation and for the decoration purpose , use big size printouts of photo cards of the pack. Design King of Ace card of the pack with photo of the birthday boy and queen of heart with the photo of birthday girl.

Play casino games , simple card games and perform card tricks in a competition format. As you are projecting birthday kid as a king/ queen so king size food like jumbo burger or sandwich, big size pizza , big size cola bottle, big pack of chips or fries etc. will go well.

Fashion Show/ Designers At Work Theme Party

Low priced simple white T -shirts , some fabric colors, few brushes, some scissors, little decor and a banner is all you need for this superb birthday party idea . Provide all the youngsters participating in competition, basic fabric color ,color thinner, a brush, a scissor and a T- shirt. Now tell them that it’s a dress designing competition, and ask them to use their imagination to convert theses simple T -shirts in to funky outfits, by using these colors and scissors .

Fashion Show Theme  For Teenage Birthday Party

After completion of the task they have to wear it and showcase their talent by way of cat walk. For cat walk you should ensure a fashion show like environment, decor ,sound, lights etc. Keep prizes in various categories and let the young designers work and enjoy. Any yummy food of birthday boy’s/girl’s choice will be good.

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The Mobile Theme Party

Cell phones are the integral part of youngsters life . They need it for communication, for fun ,for style and for status. A mobile theme party will be close to their heart. To start with, send invitation to the guests by sms or mms. For decoration, use the ad posters of cell phones or service provider companies.

Priority should be given to the posters with celebrities. Ask teens to add a new punch line to the posters and have fun. Music should be played directly by the cell phone, connecting it to speaker.

Mobile Theme For Teenage Birthday Party

In between the songs, play punch lines of cell phone advertisements. Games according to party theme include, innovative use of cell features , fastest messaging with one finger ,with two fingers ,with closed eyes etc.

Awards like oldest mobile in best condition and vice versa will be quite funny. The gift for the teen can range from a mobile to recharge coupon, message card to memory card and for return gift , decorated mobile covers , recharge coupons goes perfect.

The Fear Factor Theme Party

A Fear Factor party is a great theme for teenagers. When planning the fear factor theme party ,you will have to select such activities, which entertain them, but does not cause too much fear.

On the invitation itself , let the teens know about the theme of the party and that the party might get messy. Ask them to join the party wearing old clothes and be prepare to play some nasty games.

Hang things like artificial animals , horror posters and a plastic model of skelton in the party hall for decoration . Try to keep it little dark at party venue and use minimum lights. Scary sounds and some one with scary costume will create a dramatic effect and will induce the required fear factor in the party.

A regular cake can be converted to a disgusting one easily, by crushing wafers on top of the cake and decorating it with honey dipped rubber worms . Prepare gross dishes like chocolate worms, goat eye balls etc. to eat .

Fear Factor Theme For Teenage Birthday Party

To prepare chocolate worm , dip rubber warms in honey and coat them with crushed Oreo biscuits and to make goat eye balls just peel the skin of grapes. To serve drink, soak baby diapers in mountain dew and squeeze them into glasses when a guests need a drink.

You should go for mild games and avoid too nasty games . A very simple game is to peel of a slices of a lemon or orange and eat it fastest without using their hands. For a grosser game, make a platter of some food like anchovies in tomato puree and the player who finishes this first is the winner. Having prizes helps in maintaining interest and momentum in the party.

One Liner Theme Party

This party idea seems to be very ordinary and that is its beauty. It needs very little preparation and very ordinary items, but once you decide to go with it, then you realize how funny and crazy this idea is. Decorate the party hall with big sized colorful cut outs of some products of teens interest and ask the young guests to make a punch line for these products.

One Liner Theme For Teenage Birthday Party

The teens begin it on a serious note and after a few minutes, they start making notorious and funny comments and each other’s leg pulling , and that’s the fun . You will have lots of laughter and will enjoy like any thing. Keep prizes for most funny, most appealing or most humorous punch lines. Food like noodles, Pizza’s, burgers, fries , ice cream and coke are the favorites.

Five Rocking Teenage Birthday Party Ideas