Five Popular Easter Cookie Recipes

Easter Cookie Recipes Easter is around the corner and it’s once again that time of the year, when a variety of sweet treats are made. Right from marzipan eggs, fruit crumble, tarts, hot cross buns to cookies, everything seems to be made at large.

Considering the sweet nibble, cookie is, it’s always delightful to create simple cookies, which have a longer shelf life than a cake. It can be easily stored and enjoyed over a longer duration of time. Although they are iced, but the icing isn’t butter cream, so it gets stayed. Try from some of these popular cookie options below, to re-ignite the magic of an Easter Sunday.

Popular Easter Cookie Recipes

Coconut Macaroons Are Traditional

These macaroons are more of a soft, crumbly cookie, which has a tender taste of butter and coconut. If you love coconut flavor, then this cookie recipe is a must try! These need not be necessarily iced or dipped in any kind of frosting.

coconut macaroons cookies

Just have them with your regular cuppa and you will love them, for sure! Prepare a fresh batch of coconut macaroons and store them in an air tight container. They can be kept up for at least a month, without any issue!

Rose Meringues

Rose meringues are prepared with iced sugar, rose essence and egg whites, beaten to a white stiff stage. These are then piped roughly over the greased tray and baked till perfection.

These meringues can also be used either as a cake filling, for instance lemon meringue cake, or simply be crushed over a creamy dessert or enjoyed alone. Try baking a batch of them and store them for a Easter special treat!

Sugar Cookies Remain A Delightful Treat

Sugar cookies are traditional and bring in that element of festivity, with their unique shapes and sizes. Try various cookie cutters, like egg, birds, nests etc. to make the cookie dough cut outs.

easter sugar cookie

Post baking, ice them with royal icing, so that they can be stored for a relatively longer time or you can also choose to ice them, just before serving. Use bright colors to make them look festive and special for Easter.

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French Macaroons Are Still A Hot Favorite

This is just an improvised version of meringues. These too contain egg whites and caster sugar. These macaroons are piped, baked and sandwiched with some favorite butter cream frosting, to make them look like those cream biscuits. These are a hot favorite with local bakeries during Easter, as they spell a festive charm on their own. You can try serving them to your guests this Easter!

Hot Cross Cookies Are A Cross Between Cookies And Hot Cross Buns

If you are feeling too lazy and bored to go for the conventional hot cross buns, then try this crossover between the two. Hot cross cookies are easy and simple to make.

Hot Cross chocolate

They could be your cherry chip cookie or chocolate nut or chocolate chip cookie that has been crossed over by a drizzle of royal icing or chocolate frosting. The final cookie will resemble like a hot cross bun, but will be a cookie, with a slight difference. These Easter cookies remain popular and a special treat to most of the visitors during the special day!