Five Famous Thanksgiving Recipes For Desserts

Thanksgiving often brings memories of a loud, larger than life platter of food. However, this food fare usually comprises the regular, traditional turkey, bacon or ham glazed with cranberry sauce. We usually skip the dessert, with just pumpkin pie.

Let’s just say that instead of dealing with the regular traditional food for the main course, this blog will enlighten the readers with some traditional dessert ideas for thanksgiving. This is a must read for all the people, who believe a meal is incomplete with the right dessert!

Thanksgiving Recipes For Desserts

Apple Crisp Or Crumble With Some Good Cream

This is one hell of a recipe, which goes down well, with people, who aren’t very fond of sweet dishes as well.

Apple crisp or crumble with some good cream

It has the sweet tart apples, and a slight buttery nutty flavor of the dry fruits and the crust. When this recipe is served warm, with some freshly whipped cream, it does wonders to the taste buds!

Pumpkin Bars Break The Traditional Monotony

If pumpkin pie is all you had in mind for the traditional dessert, then here is the twist. Pumpkin bars are a simpler take on the traditional dessert. When the squared bars are served with a dollop of fresh cream or some cream cheese, then it not just looks visually appealing, but brings in a lot of wows for one’s creativity as well!

Peanut Butter Pie For The Sumptuous Round Off

This is incredible good to taste and comes off as a wave of fresh air, amidst the excess pumpkin and apple desserts.

Peanut butter pie for the sumptuous round off!

Made with good quality peanut butter and sour cream, the dessert is soft and crumbly, giving one a sharp taste of peanut. This is simply great when served with some fudge sauce to round off a thanksgiving dinner.

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Bread Pudding Is Fuss Free And Good Too

Nothing goes down well than a warm slice of bread pudding served with some honey or good amount of whipped cream. The dish is made with stale bread and worked with some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, to create that lovely aroma of traditional food. The dessert is fast, fresh and super simple to make for a thanksgiving dessert!

Sweet Potato Pie With Meringue Is A Hot Favorite

This is great recipe for thanksgiving sweet ending. Made with sweet potatoes and baked with a hard sweet crust of meringue on the top, the dish is a sharp contrast of mild to sharp sweetness from the bottom to the top. This is a traditional dish, but usually takes the place by some pumpkin flavored dessert. Try this recipe for any thanksgiving and you will be delighted at the new twist in the dessert arena!

Sweet potato pie with meringue is a hot favorite

Be it thanksgiving or any other festival, desserts have always remained important in making a dinner or a food fare complete. Instead of the traditional pumpkin pies and bakes, try to break the monotony, with some more interesting, yet equally traditional desserts. The above mentioned desserts are not just a great way of ending a conventional thanksgiving meal, but are just every dessert person’s delight! It’s time to enthrall your guests with a traditional twist on the dessert arena.