Five Custom Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is all about gift giving and receiving. While you cannot do much about the receiving part, you definitely have some control over the giving area. It’s not always appropriate to gift just for the sake of it. It’s more meaningful, if the gifts are given for proper usage and with a little love.

If you are gearing up this Easter, to celebrate the occasion and also celebrate the feeling of togetherness, then go that extra mile and get custom Easter basket made for your loved ones. These custom baskets will cater to the individual needs, while increasing your worth in the eyes of your near and dear ones!

Unique Ideas Custom Easter Basket

Food Basket For The Foodie

Foodies love their food and will swear by it any day. So get yourself readying a gift hamper, which stock up the exclusive food items of their choice.

Food Basket For The Foodie

Let it be a little special by way of having sophisticated chocolates, chips, salsa, pasta, food magazines etc. Think out of the box and incorporate anything that you believe will please the foodie in your loved one.

Beauty Hamper For The Lady

Women love to pamper themselves and so getting a basket, exclusively made with the intention to pamper, will go down well with your gal! Get scented candles, foot spa products, nail spa products, skin and facial care products to shower your love and your idea of pampering her. Girls would drool over such gift basket and would love to get them as gifts.

Book Basket For The Read Freak

If you have someone in the family or friend circle, who loves to read, then create a gift basket, which would stock his favorite books.

Book Basket For The Read Freak

You can also add a couple of magazines, which would spark off his/ her interest in the area of his choice. For instance, if it’s foodie, then gift a ‘Good Food’ magazine subscription or just a few issues, to please him/her.

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Tea Bags For The Tea Lover

If there’s a tea taster in the making, somewhere around you, then ignite that passion in him/her, by gifting him gift basket of a variety of teas. Let there be all kinds of teas, including, Darjeeling, Assam, Early grey, green, jasmine, strawberry, etc. so excite his taste buds. Add in a stylish looking tea cup and saucer, with some flavored sugar cubes, to go with. A magazine, replete with tea information might also perk him/her up.

Chocolates For The Chocoholic

Chocolates are loved by all, but there has to be that someone, who is earnestly passionate behind the science of chocolate making and tasting. If you know someone, who loves the concept, then create a gift basket with magazines, which feature chocolate making and tasting, with some real chocolates. Get fruit and nut, orange peel, alcoholic, tea filled, fruit concentrate filled chocolates to tantalize his/her taste buds.

Chocolates In Gift Boxes

This gift will be a true value for money, even if it costs a bomb! Gifts when given from heart, will be given so as to excite the recipient, so try create some of these custom Easter baskets, to reveal the fact, that you love your people and would go to any length to get them their favorite things.