5 Best Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Activities

Love is in the air. We wait patiently the whole year for this day to come. It’s the day of celebration of love.

Plans and preparation are endless but ideas very few. Everyone must be scratching your head trying to decide the gift for your sweetheart that will be the best and most unique. Let’s help you with five best valentine’s day activities.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Style And Trend.

Style And Trend

Makeover is something that everyone definitely would love to have but hardly anyone makes it to the makeover studios. This season give him/her a voucher for a complete makeover.

There is not a single person on the face of this planet who does not want to look stylish and attractive. He/she will love you life long for this unique and awesome gift.

You And Me Time

You And Me Time

Be it as a student or as a professional, no one has time these days to sit and relax for even an extra minute because there is a race everywhere around. In between all these chaos and commotion if you can snatch away a few hours and plan a short trip somewhere to spend some ‘You and Me time’ you are definitely bound to make it very memorable and special.

If you have some extra time in your hand try packing in a simple self made picnic basket along. This not only gives you time to talk and laugh together but also catch up with all the time lost running around in this competitive world

The Collection Of Memories

The Collection Of Memories

Show him or her how attentive you can be. Make a nice album or calendar compiling the old photographs and memories together. Add in few dates that might have been very special with few sms you might have shared that touched your heart.

Add colors and different funny moments too so that he/she can smile each time they get emotional reading the sentimental statements.

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The Drink In Style.

The Drink In Style

This love season go on for something off the road. An expensive bottle of champagne accompanied with fresh strawberries or sparkling wine with blue cheese are two very unique gifts you can give to your loved one.

And by chance if you both are not into alcohol then no problem why not go for a bottle of Belgium fruit mocktail or Dutch fruit beer along with exotic fruits and berries

Surprise And Celebrate

Surprise And Celebrate

Instead of going with all the celebration on the 14th of February why not try the 13th night or 14th almost midnight. While your sweetheart will be on way for his/her beauty sleep you knock the door and surprise him/her with a large bunch of flowers exactly at 11.59pm on the 13th.

Or you can try being inattentive the whole day of 14th February morning and around late night take her/him out for a long drive and just before the clock strike’s 12 surprise her/him with a beautiful setup and a nice dinner .

Hope these unique ideas be helpful in making this day one of the most memorable one. But don’t forget to add some personal touch into these ideas to make the more special. Have a great Valentine’s Day!