Five Baby Easter Basket Ideas

So it’s going to be your child’s first Easter? For baby baskets, you should think something really innovative, while at the same time useful for your toddler. Though traditional people will suggest creating a basket with golden marzipan eggs, for the sake of ritual and tradition, however, let’s face it, it will be sheer wastage! When it comes to baby, create something from the below mentioned ideas.

Best Ideas Baby Easter Basket

Floral Baby Accessories Will Be Great To Dress Up Your Child

Your child is nearing year of completion, so for Easter why not get him some cute floral accessories, which will make him/her cute and noticeable in public. Every mother loves the idea of dressing up her child, getting such cute accessories will be handy and a comfort gift for the mother.

Floral Baby Accessories Easter Basket

Depending upon whether it’s a boy or a girl, create basket. For instance, for a girl get some cute floral headbands and clips for her hair. If a boy, then get cute floral bibs or some cool baby boy floral caps.

Small Stuffed Animals For Play

More than the plastic toys, children or toddlers should be given stuff toys to play with. Create an Easter basket with cute animal stuff toys. Let the children have a good time playing and learning about various animals through the toys. Make sure the stuff toys are all in varied shapes, or variants of animals and in a riot of colors to uplift the child’s mood.

Toddler’s Books Are Great To Teach Him

Gifting a basket full of Easter special themed books for a toddler will be great. Let the books be board books or soft cloth books, which are harmless to the child and the big pictorial representation of characters build interest in the child as well.

Toddler’s Books Easter Basket

Make them as colorful and smaller in sizes, so that the child is able to play with them as well.

Rubber Duck Bath Set For Gift Basket

There are some children, who love the idea of playing with rubber toys in their bath. Create a gift basket, which will consist of rubber ducks. These should be mama duck with her string of rubber ducklings, so that they move as the baby moves, in his/her bath. Let they be the squeaky kinds, to make the child have an enjoyable time in his/her bath. Also get them in different color sets.

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Baby Clothes Are Never A Failure In Gift

Gifting children with Easter baskets, filled with various color themed clothes is a great idea! Get toddler’s clothes in various color combinations, themes as in animal, toys, cartoon themes. This kind of gift will sort a mother’s problem as she will have plenty of clothing options to dress her child. Bunnies, ducks, chicks etc.

animal, toys,

are brilliant themes for deciding a baby’s colorful clothes. These are available in a huge variety for both boy and girl child. This Easter make a child’s and his/her mother’s day special, bi gifting baskets, which are meaningful and useful to both. The idea should be to create baskets, like any from the above mentioned baskets, to make it delightful for the mother as well as for the child.