First Anniversary: 10 Unique Gift Ideas To Celebrate The Day



Your first wedding anniversary certainly needs to be celebrated in style. A thoughtful gift to the spouse on this occasion can make this day all the more memorable. There are various options of anniversary gifts that one can choose from. The first anniversary gift should be such that it can be treasured all throughout your lives.

We Give Below Some Unique Anniversary Gifts Ideas:

1. Photo Book:

This might sound very common as a gift. But you can make it different. How? Make a photo book in such a way that it not only carries the memories of your first year of marriage but all successive anniversaries. In the photo book, add your engagement, wedding pictures and pictures of some memorable moments spent during the year. Each year, add new pictures for each year of marriage. This Photo Book can be treasured for all the years to come…

Photo Book

2. Engraved Wall Clock:

A wall clock that adds décor to your bedroom is always a welcoming gift item. But how about getting a wall clock with your wedding date engraved on it? Or a wall clock with your wedding pic engraved at the backdrop?

Engraved Wall Clock

3. Couple Portrait:

A custom-made portrait of you and your spouse will make a great gift option and an excellent decoration to the family home.

Couple Portrait

4. Framed Sand Art:

Get a heart drawn on sand along with the couple names inside the heart. Get the sand art beautifully framed. This is a timeless gift for a loving couple.

Framed Sand Art

5. Porcelain Anniversary Plate:

This is another unique gift idea as a first anniversary gift. Gift your spouse a beautiful anniversary plate, crafted of the finest porcelain with dazzling gold accents and personalized with the names of the partners and their wedding date.

Porcelain Anniversary Plate

6. Keepsake Jewellery:

Keepsake jewellery like as a pendant, a ring or a bracelet with the name of your spouse, or a personalised message, wedding vows, or love notes inscribed on it is one of the best memorable anniversary gifts that can be given for the one you care and love.

Keepsake Jewellery

7. Custom Sound Wave Art Print:

This is the latest trend, a very memorable and at the same time unique first anniversary gift for your beloved. You can create a custom sound wave art, a recording of your voice which can be converted into a piece of art in professional sound and art studios. The framed sound art comes with a code card, which when scanned plays the recorded voice. Sounds amazing, right? Record a voice of sentiment that will last for generations, a gift which can be treasured lifelong.

Custom Sound Wave Art Print

8. Health Insurance:

This might sound like a pessimistic gift idea but this is one of the best gift ideas which has a practical value. A health insurance is a lifetime gift for your spouse.

Health Insurance

9. Gym Membership Or Gym Products:

If your spouse was a fitness freak before her or his marriage and but has now become more involved in household activities and responsibilities, with no time to hit the gym, then as a first anniversary gift, one of the best gift options is to gift him or her membership to the nearest gym in your locality. Alternately, gifting a treadmill or an exercise cycle is also not a bad idea.

Gym Membership Or Gym Products

10. A Bouquet Of  Paper Flowers:

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a thing of the past. And it does not last forever. The modern twist is to gift dozen flowers, beautifully handmade with papers. Use papers with love notes written on them and convert them in the form of excellently handcrafted paper flowers with stems. A classic looking bouquet which you can cherish lifetime.

A Bouquet Of Paper Flowers