Father’s Day Special DIY Gift Ideas

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” – William Shakespeare

Fathers, generally are not very expressive emotionally. They appear hard and tough externally, but they are equally compassionate and caring internally. As the head of the family, they always fend for their families. Most of them fail to express their true emotions in words but in actions do not hide. They always seek to fulfill their children’s wishes without complain but never share their troubles, less it may trouble you. They may not say it but like mothers, fathers too shower unconditional love over their own children. They may appear stern but they are often moved with every little action of their children.

So, we must dedicate a day to our dear fathers too, after all they are also our creator. Father’s Day is usually celebrated on the third week of June. This Father’s Day grab this opportunity to express to our most dear fathers with some personalized, creative, easy DIY projects and also maybe if we could bake him something special too.

Fathers, unlike their kids also have certain hobbies and passion too. So you can gift your dear dad with a handmade greeting card, or a customized coffee mug, or printed t.shirt, or a collage of photos of you both together. You could also bake and serve him some tasty sweet treats like cup cakes. You could also gift him with his favorite tools, don’t most dads spend more time in the garage mending and making during holidays. Hence, prepare yourself to make this Fathers Day a special day for your favorite father.

After all fathers gift us gifts without a fuss, could we not make this day a gift for our dear Fathers. Remember even the expensive of gifts do not count, rather it is the emotion or thought that counts.