Fascinating Thanksgiving Day Games For Kids

Thanksgiving Day Games

Thanksgiving Day actually falls at the end of November and it is on this day you can exchange thanks with your close friends by inviting them to your place or arranging a party in a restaurant and have a good gossip with them. But the kids have to be kept engaged on this occasion. It is really tough to make them wait patiently till dinner. So you can plan out from before few Thanksgiving games which will keep them entertained on that day.

Adults too can get together with the kids or else only ladies can give company to the kids. So before the meal is served those two hours can be spent with kids making them play variety of games and cheer them too. Listed below are few of the fascinating Thanksgiving Day games for the kids.

Fascinating Thanksgiving Day Games For Kids

‘Turkey Hunt’ Game

Turkey hunt is a very exciting game that kids can play. Before the start of thanksgiving occasion, you being an elder should arrange for smaller craft turkeys. Few dozens of turkeys can also be made of bright colored construction/marble papers. On that particular day, when kids seem inattentive, you can place those turkeys in various corners of the house.

You can even place a note nearby where you’ve placed the turkeys so that the kids won’t get confused. Then you can inform them and boost them to go for turkey hunt where they’ll find the turkeys. The kid who gets ample number of turkeys will get prize for winning that game.

Turkey Hunt Game

‘Cherry Stringing’ Game

Cherry stringing is a fun-loving game in which each participant should be given a needle threaded with strong thread of 10 inch long and a big knot should be tied at the last. Every kid will be given an equal amount of cherry (be it 15 or 20). When you say ‘start’, every child should begin stringing the cherries in their threads. The first person who fills the thread with all the cherries will be announced the winner. In place of cherries, it can be popcorns or marigold flowers or cranberries too.

Cherry Stringing Game

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‘Hot Pumpkin’ Game

Kids can even enjoy the hot pumpkin game on the Thanksgiving Day. Tell the kids to make a circle and sit down on the floor. Give one kid a smaller size pumpkin so that he/she can pass it to the next player quickly. All the kids will continue passing the hot pumpkin with the music in the back.

When the music is stopped and you call, ‘Stop’, the kid who has the pumpkin will have to step out of the circle. The game will again begin from the next child. The game should be carried on till all the children will be eliminated except one who will be declared the winner. A big prize should be given to the winner and few consolation prizes to the other remaining children.

Hot Pumpkin Game

‘Medium-size Ball Race’

This game can be played outside in the courtyard on the Thanksgiving Day. Make the children stand in a line and give them small brooms in their hands. Keep a medium-sized ball in front of them. When you whistle, they should push the ball with the broom from the start line and rush towards finish line. The child who will reach first will be given the first prize and others will be presented small prizes.

Medium-size Ball Race

‘Chopstick Pass-Along’ Game

You can maintain the spirit of kids high by making them play the ‘chopstick pass along’ game. You have to place one unshelled walnut, one acorn, one cranberry and one pea on a plate and hand over chopsticks in every kid’s hands. The first child should pick the each object in the chopstick (set from biggest to smallest) and pass it to the next child who will receive it and it will be passed till the last player.

The goal should be to obtain all the four objects to the plate again without dropping a single one. Instead of chopsticks you can also use teaspoon. At the end you can give presents to everyone for participating in the game.

Chopstick Pass-Along Game

‘Cornucopia Turnover’ Game

The participants should sit in chairs in a big circle. They should be given names such as Gravy, Potatoes, Turkey, Corn, Pilgrim, November, Holiday etc. When the caller speaks out two names, the two players with those names have to swap their seats.

For example, if the caller says ‘November and Turkey’, those two players will have to switch each other’s seats. In between the caller will call out ‘cornucopia turnover’ when all the players will jump and get another seat. You can make the kids play this game for many hours as they’ll be occupied fully.

Cornucopia Turnover Game

Therefore the Thanksgiving Day will become amusing as you allow the kids to play the above kinds of games.