4 Fantastic Party Themes For Teenagers

Fantastic Party Themes For Teenagers

Are you planning a party for your teen child? Are you wondering what to do because the teens are actually a funny age? They hate to be called kids now and do not want anything that is childish. They are certainly not adults and you do not want to do anything to challenge their innocence. So what do you do to keep your teen happy and make his/her party enjoyable and fun? Here are some unique ideas which will be entertaining for them.

Fantastic Party Themes For Teenagers

Ideas for Teenagers Party Themes

The “ho’ohau’oli” Party

Are you wondering what does this mean? It simply means ‘to have fun’ in Hawaii. Yes! Throw a Hawaiian party for your teenager. I guarantee you that this will be loved by him/her and their friends. Now it is not affordable to actually go to Hawaii, right? So why not create the effect at your own home.

No, you cannot have the sea at home but by some simple elements you can create a fantastic effect to give authenticity to this Hawaiian party. For the decor have shacks of bamboo and hay along with fresh coconuts lying here and there. Try to have those artificial miniature coconut trees to add on to the Hawaiian feel. Create a lagoon effect by hanging streamers of different colors.

In the invitation cards mention about the theme beforehand so that the guests know about it. For the dress code ask the girls to be in those hula skirts of bright colors and a top with floral prints. The boys can be in shorts and Hawaiian shirts along with hats.

Welcome your teen child’s friends with garlands of flowers to wear around their neck, wrists and hair. Now for the food and the drinks, serve mocktails and fruit punches in coconuts to add on the charm. Put small decorative umbrellas on the coconuts and glasses.

Have sea food on the menu and sizzling sizzlers. Cut lots of fruits and cheese on a platter with toothpicks. Have Hawaiian music and drums and ask the teenagers to do a Hula dance. Have guitars and hula loops for the teenagers to have loads of fun.

The ho'ohau'oli Party

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Go Rugged With The Cowboy/Cowgirl Theme

Teenagers get annoyed when called cute. Yes they aren’t cute now and they simply get put off by anything that is cuteness personified. They want to be bold, rough and tough and daring. Whether your teen child is a girl or a boy this theme will be a sure hit with him/her and his/her friends. For the invitation you can have a horseshoe shape card or the background of stables.

A cowboy hat will also look fantastic. Ask the teens to come in torn, tattered and worked out denims with a cheques shirt and a jacket. The girls can be in short leather skirts and leather boots along with shirts and corsets.

Welcome these guests with a hat that they can wear throughout the party. For the decor to match up with the theme create a stable or a barn like effect. Have cut outs placed in and around the venue of herds of cattle and horses. Throw in lots of dry hay at the floor. Instead of the usual decorations hang whips, catapults, toy guns and daggers. Throw a leather saddle on the table to add on the charm.

For the food have items that go well with this theme. Having a barbeque counter will be loved by your young guests. Other items to jazz up your menu will be beans and buns, mashed potatoes and pancakes.

Cowgirl Theme

The ‘Avatar’ Party

You sure remember the super hit film Avatar which was widely appreciated and loved by all age groups. Well, it was definitely a hit with the teens. Hence, avatar party becomes a fantastic party idea for the teenagers.

Invite them with a blue color digital invitation cards. Ask the teenagers to come in their ‘avatars.’ Rest assured about the excitement and the buzz this will create. Welcome them to a fantastic world of nature combined with science. Make sure that the lights used for the venue are only blue in color to stick to the actual look of the film.

The teens in their avatars will look amazing and will have lots of fun. Have digital lights and flowers emitting these lights for the different world feel. In between have different computer sounds to create the effect. For the menu have different types of salads and starters. Cold sandwiches and soups will make excellent choices too. Serve it in plates and glasses covered in foil for the metallic feel.

The ‘Avatar’ Party

A Gala Time With The Karaoke Party

Here is a very simple idea to make a party fun for the teenagers. We all have heard of the karaoke. Introduce this fun thing to your teen’s party and everyone will be really excited about it. Send out invitation cards in the shape of a microphone. If possible attach a music piece to the invitation card.

Decorations become very important when it comes to a karaoke party. To help you create an impeccable setting contact a rental store that will supply you with things essential for the Karaoke party that include a karaoke machine, microphones and cds with the latest and trendy songs. After getting these things done, make a small dais at the venue.

Paint it a sparkling silver or gold. Add a lot of glitter around the dais. To add to the effect you can have disco lights. Create a dressing room and hang a sparkling, shiny curtain on the door. All this will give a lot of style to that venue. When the singer gets on to the dais to take on the party throw a spotlight at him/her to lend a little bit of style.

Dim all the other lights at this time. The teens will really have a good time laughing and joking around. For the food have lots of starters and finger foods with mocktails, fruit punches and juices. Let the youngsters have a fun time by themselves. Doing something different and new at a party is something that all the teenagers want. They can be fussy and moody and hence share and discuss these fun ideas with them for lots of fun galore.

Karaoke Party