Fantastic Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

real life super heroes in the little hearts of kids. Thus, a day to celebrate fatherhood is imperative. Father’s day is the day to rejoice and let your father know how important and irreplaceable he is in your life.

Making him something out of the ordinary on this special day will help all kids express their love and gratitude. Below is a brief on fantastic father’s day crafts for kids to help them convey to their fathers how much they mean to them.

Father’s Day Crafts For Kids

Father’s Day Greeting

Kids love art and craft. This is the best occasion to use this passion in the form of father’s day souvenirs for dad. They can sit with all crayons, colored papers, pencils, etc. and their moms can help them with the use of scissors.

Greeting Card

Making a greeting card with all the love which says “Happy Father’s Day” is sure to make dad’s day. To make him even happier, kids can glue a snap of them with dad and paste it on the cover page of the greeting card.

Dad Stenciled Card

Kids can first write dad or daddy in capital letters on a colored chart paper. Then they need to fold the chart paper into two and with some help cut out the paper on the outline of the word written.

This way they will have a card in an outlined form of the word dad. Inside the card they can mention “I love you” so the entire thing will read as, Dad I love you. This will surely bring a twinkle in their dad’s eyes.

Special Invite

Kids can plan on having an outing with dad like a movie, basketball match or a gaming zone and get tickets or passes ordered for the place with the help of mom.

special invitation

Then make an invitation card and cut out a pocket like formation on the front page. In this compartment, insert the tickets and give to dad to see how pleased he is about the plans that have been specially made for him.

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Unique Labeling

Kids can go out with moms to buy some products which their dad likes the most or uses in his daily routine like coffee powder, vitamin supplements, mints etc. All these products can then be transferred in jars which would need some labeling.

These labels can be made by kids by cutting out paper in a rectangular shape and writing little notes on them. The Kids can write, for instance, “Vitamins for My Super Dad” or “Coffee for World’s Greatest Dad”. Once done, the kids can glue these labels on the jars and gift them to dad to see his surprised reaction.

Cardboard Cut-outs

Gifting a photo frame with the kids and dad’s snap slotted in it is a wonderful idea as it is a memory of cherished moments shared between them. However, this should be done with a lot more affection and craft. If dad loves soccer or basketball, a cardboard cut-out of the same can be made and a photo frame can be crafted out with it or in any other shape of a thing he likes.


Small items available at home like buttons, bows, confetti, etc. can be used to decorate the frame. This creative photo frame with a photo in it will surely prove to be a great gift for father’s day and an amazing craft for kids.