Fabulous Summer Wedding Theme Ideas

Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Summer is the best time to have perfect outdoor wedding, you need not have to worry about a deadly shower ruining one of the best days of your life.

This is the season to bring out the colourful costumes and this makes the function vivid. It would be ideal if you could select the venue near a water body and this would make it effervescent.

The decor of the venue can be decorated with fresh flowers across and let the theme scream out summer. Here are some fresh summer wedding theme ideas:

Summer Wedding Theme Ideas


Summer and butterflies are tantamount, let this be the theme of your wedding day. It is very easy to put across a butterfly theme and this is elegance personified. Order for the invitation cards with a printer, or you can get the template off the internet, let the background have an image of a butterfly in a pink colour, the theme is sent across in a subtle manner.

  Butterfly Wedding

The centre pieces in the room, should have multiple strings loosely hanging, plastic red colour butterflies, this would be awe-striking. The centre piece of the tables should have scented butterfly candles; these would be a stand out.

The bride can have hints of the theme with a, butterfly clip on her and her bride’s maid, it need not be things that are on the face. A butterfly shaped iced, butter cream cake, should be displayed and this would be one of the highlights on the stage. Butterfly shaped cookies would be the perfect wedding favour for this theme.

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Beach Wedding

It is extremely romantic and peaceful, to have a wedding reception on the beach; the couple can have a church wedding and then have the reception on the beach. The most vital aspect in this theme, would be the choice of colour, opt for either deep blue sea colour or emerald colour. Invitation cards can have the base colour, emerald and studded with silver glitter around the border.

The bride can be dressed, up in a knee length emerald colour plush dress, and the bride’s maid could be adored with knee length blue frocks, these are perfect for the theme. Let the centre piece on the table be very simple with light blue vases filled with water and colourful shells arranged in different levels. The groom and the best man can wear emerald colour tie, this would be a stand out.

Wedding favors, can be arranged neatly in a large bowl of sand from the beach, this would be so rustic and would be a stand out. Incorporate, little sea–creatures on the top of the cake as a decoration, it can be star fishes or a lobster.


Having the wedding in a rustic atmosphere has a special elegance attached to it. Though we are in such a fast paced world, more people love to have a rustic wedding. The venue can be a farm in the outskirts; you can have small tents assembled in the farm and individual tablet set, so that the main meal can be served in this area.


Brides look lovely in white short laced dresses, the bride’s maids can be dressed in light green short lace dresses this would be perfect for the theme. Decoration on the table can be simple yellow flowers arranged with red ribbons, and less is more is apt in this theme.

Wedding favors, can be arranged in wooden crates filled with hay, homemade products would be the best favors, this completes the picture.

Opt for the theme you can visualize the best, and that you can relate to, you can merge and match the ideas. Let your special day be the talk of the town.