Fabulous Finesse With Sparkling Prom Dresses

Sparkling Prom Dresses A Prom is a bash given to all senior students at high school to celebrate their completion of wonderful years at school. And this celebration has to rock and shine down the memory lane.

Hence, every girl wants to look her best on this festive occasion. If you are in doubt of which dress to wear to your prom, check out our section on sparkling prom dresses to sizzle and sparkle on your celebratory evening.

Tips For Sparkle Prom Dresses

Sequined Dresses

If you are looking at shining at your prom, outwardly, wearing a sequined dress is the best option. Sequined dresses, in general, are embroidered with sequins all over the fabric. This gives the fabric and eventually the dress, the required sheen you need. A short tube dress will look superlative in a sequined form. In case you are uncomfortable in a tube dress, a short dress with full sleeves will also look great.

Dresses in Metallic Shades

In the present times, there are innumerable color and fabric options available in the market. There is a new demand for metallic colors which were in fashion earlier in the disco era. Dresses in metallic shades are usually in one solid color and are worn with added accessories, if needed.

Sparkly Prom Dresses

One metallic color for the entire dress is enough to make it glow. A dress with a body hugging fit in a metallic shade will look the best. A one shoulder pattern will also look good. These dresses look finest in the hues of gold, silver, black and more recently, blue.

Dresses embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Dresses embellished with Swarovski crystals give the best gleam amongst all. These dresses look very fancy when worn and will make you the center of all attention. Swarovski crystals if stuck all over the dress can tend to look very gaudy. Hence, they should be put on the dress with minimalistic use and for apt appeal. These look excellent on a flowing gown with a train. Alternatively, they will look nice on an A-line gown too.

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Stones and Pearls studded dresses

Stones and pearls also give a similar effect like Swarovski crystals but are subtle in their appearance. They look great on pure white dress which gives an angelic appeal when donned.

Pearls studded dresses

A dress with an added plain scarf will also enhance the form of the dress and make you glitter and gleam as needed.

Complementary Accessories

In case, you are unsuccessful in claiming any of the above mentioned dresses for your prom and still want to sparkle in your outfit, you can team your dress with complementing flashy accessories instead. A headband or hairpin with shimmer will add the spark on your hair. A stone studded earring pair or a pearl necklace with matching rings will bring in the sheen in your jewellery.

A sequined belt, shrug or scarf will add the shining finesse on your body. A clutch or a pair of stilettos embedded with Swarovski crystals are also an excellent option. After choosing one of these dress options for your prom, you can always hope to achieve the prom queen tiara, the most sparkling ornament for the evening.