Extraordinary Spring Wedding Themes

Spring is one of the best times to have your wedding; spring is the time of regeneration and an ideal time to commence a new chapter in your life. Lot of people prefer summer season, to conduct their wedding, hence it would be much easier, to get resources at a much reasonable rates.

Hotels would not be running full and you would be able to negotiate good deals for meals and other travel arrangements. Bring in variety of colours and renew all the energy and create an implausible atmosphere. Here are some wonderful spring theme ideas.

All Pastel

Spring is the time of pastel colours, like pink, peach, powder blue, let this be the theme of the wedding, everything subtle and smart. The invitation cards can be light pink in colour, with a silver glitter border around; this would be extremely chic to see.

Dress – Bride

The bride can opt for a tea-length dress in light pink colour, with a long sash; the bride’s maids can wear a powder blue dress with silver work around the waist.

powder blue dress with silver work around the waist

The bouquets and the centre pieces on the tables should be flowers with a right mix of different colours. Make a bunch out of flowers such as tulips, lilies, rose and daffodils, this would add colour to the room.


The ideal favor for the pastel theme would be to order rose perfume essence, put these in small bottles. Stick small labels, mentioning, and the fragrance of the perfume and place the favors in a large ceramic bowl with petals in them. Bake a unique cake for the wedding, make cake in different flavours and colours such as strawberry, pistachio and vanilla and assemble them together and these do not need any frosting, this would be an exclusive cake.


Bridal Train

This colour symbolises joy and hope, and is the perfect theme for starting on a new journey. The bride can be dressed in a v-neck white chiffon gown that has a trail, instead of wearing a tiara; the bride can wear a hair band with yellow flowers on them.

The bride’s maids can be dressed in bright yellow gowns .The bride can carry lovely bouquet of tulip flowers tied with a red satin ribbon. The groom and the best man should have yellow flower brooch on their suits.


The centre pieces on the table, is of significance and this gives the room its, ambience, place tulip bulbs in yellow and orange colour.


If the reception is happening on the lawn, decorate the pathway with yellow polka dotted balloons. Vegetable seeds can be packed in small pouches in yellow colour and this will be the ideal for the theme.

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Cherry Blossom


If you are having a cherry blossom themed, wedding it is ideal to have the reception in a garden and if there are some fruit trees, it would be an added bonus. As invitation cards, pocket cards would be the ideal, in the front of the card print the image of bouquet of flowers.

The bride’s maid’s dresses could be cherry colour, short dress with black lace sash around the waist. The groom can have a bright pink bow to wear with his blazer.


For the decoration in the room place cherries in a transparent bowl and arrange in no particular pattern, these would look really chic. Pack the cherries in boxes and tie ribbon around it and they can be presented as favors.

Cherry Blossom

The wedding cake can be a pink colour, four layered cake with the cherry blossom flower and branch decoration, on the cake. Have a bash on your wedding, and let your spring wedding be an inspiration for all the bride’s to be.