Exclusive New Year Party Games

Exclusive New Year Party Games

New Year’s is the time for fun, frolic and celebration. It is the time for partying with your closed ones and friends. There can be a lot of things that can be done to make this time of the year memorable and etched in your minds forever. There are some people who like going out to clubs to celebrate this day.

However, on the other side, there are people who plan house parties and decorate their homes on New Year’s. While planning a party at home, you need to keep in mind one thing for sure. The invitees should never get bored and there should be ample activities to keep the spark alive in the party. These New Year’s party games are an exclusive way to add excitement to the party.

Exclusive New Year Party Games

Balloon Volley Game

One of the exclusive ways to play a game on New Year’s is to use some of its decorations as props. This is a couple’s game where both the partners have to link in their hands and using only one hand to volley the ball.

Balloon Volley ball

This can also be in a way where the couples have to reach a racing finish line while volleying their ball and ensuring that it does not touch the ground or else they will be eliminated.

Truth and Lie Game

Make a circle and sit down. Each of the guests has to think of two truths and one lie and the others have to guess which a lie is and which the truths are. The work is to reveal the story in such a way that the lie is more believable than the truth. The aim is to find out the lie. Once this is done, it moves to the next player.


One of the other interesting games that is tried and tested by a lot of people is that of spoons. A deck of playing cards and some plastic spoons are required for this game. About 10 players can play this game where they have to make a circle and sit on the ground. The spoons need to be placed at the centre and then deal fours cards from the deck to each one of the players.

Spoons game

The aim is to grab one spoon each from the centre which is only possible if you have all same cards in hand. For this, one has to pick a card from the remaining deck and then discard one. The one who reaches the goal first will take a spoon. This will be repeated with all the spoons till none is left.

Cherries Game

A simple New Year’s game can be in the form of a bowl of cherries in front of every person in the room. The competition is to see who eats the maximum cherries without using their hands simply from the bowl in a particular time. A little whipped cream can be added to the bowl to make it a difficult target. Do not forget to make a video of this game!

Belly Dance Competition

Fun filled Belly Dance Competition

This is an adult game but one that is filled with fun and excitement. With some Arabic music as well as scarves you can make the men dance and then judge them accordingly. The scarves can be used to cover their eyes and the shirts removed to expose their bellies. 30 seconds of dance will decide who did the best and then they can be given a prize.