5 Exciting Wedding Menu Ideas

Exciting Wedding Menu Ideas

Wedding is always special. Whether it is your marriage or the wedding of someone who is close to you, one thing that you cannot deny is the planning and preparation for the event. One of the most vital and indispensable aspects of wedding is selection of menus. It is the common, but the most important arrangement for the occasion.

Exciting Wedding Menu Ideas

You invite guests and it is your responsibility to treat them properly and acknowledge their gesture of visiting the venue to bless the couple. Therefore, you must make sure that the wedding menu ideas are exciting.

Exciting But Simple Wedding Menu Ideas

Making plans for wedding is always exhilarating, but sometimes the experience can be maddening and tiring as well. It is like making important decisions and choices everyday. Making plans for wedding is one such crucial and tough task that needs to be handled properly. You have to consider the taste of the individuals and also the cost when determining the wedding menu.

It is not always necessary to select diverse menus. In fact, it makes the guests confused sometimes. Simple menu ideas can also be magnificent. Here you will find tips about some wedding menu ideas that are simple, yet exciting.


Starters should be the appetizers. When you go to a restaurant, you usually order for some starters like soup, snacks, etc. before you head towards the main course. Consider the same logic for deciding on wedding menu. You can arrange for some fresh veg and chicken soup with delicious snacks like fish fingers, chicken wings, cheese sandwiches, seafood salads, etc. You can serve phyllo dough and salmon pinwheels with diverse stuffing such as spinach, cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, etc. The idea for the starters should be light.

Starters Wedding Menu Ideas

Coordinate Food According To Theme

Many couples decide to coordinate the menu according to the theme of the wedding. Suppose, in case of a tropical wedding, the selection of menu can be tropical as well. For example, adding mango and pineapple in the menu can provide that Midas touch. If the wedding is taking place in winter, then the food can be served in that platters and containers that resemble fake snow like covering.

Coordinate Food

Servings-Individual Or Buffet

It is also important to consider on the servings of the menus. You can opt for individual or buffet serving as per your wish. If you choose buffet, it will require less effort as you do not need to serve individually. However, you need to make arrangement of more food for that. Serving individually can make the process tiring, but it satisfies the guests more.


Main Course

Main course must be inclusive of the heavy items. You can opt for variety for both veg and non-veg platters. Keep options of fish, chicken, meat, etc. for the non-veg items, while for veg, you can opt for various delicacies made of diverse vegetables, cheese, mushroom, etc.

Main Course


Right after the main course, there should be good arrangement of desserts. Here also you can get several varieties to please the guests. Considering all these things will make the menu exciting.