Exciting Ideas For Birthday Party Cake

birthday party cake No birthday party is complete without a cake. Right from a kid’s to an adult’s birthday celebrations, cakes have remained synonymous with the word ‘birthday party’. With so many newer bakeries and confectioneries in town, the exciting options in cakes are galore. However, although the range of cake themes and ideas floating around may sound enticing, but not all are applicable for birthday party occasions.

For instance, there might be the traditional three-four tier cakes and rum soaked fruits cake/Dundee cake, but they are not applicable for birthdays. Instead they have their own occasions. While the former is more suitable for weddings, the latter is kept for Christmas day celebrations. Hence, it’s best to stick to cake ideas that are aptly suitable for birthdays alone.

However, if you are confused among the plethora of cake options or are bored with the conventional ones, then it’s best to choose from the list mentioned down. Whether it’s a toddler’s birthday party or an adult of 50, the cakes can be customized to create your own exciting idea for a birthday cake.

Unique Ideas for Birthday Party Cake

Theme Cakes

Theme based cakes never go out of fashion. Try using a favorite toy, animal or a cartoon character for your son or daughter. This theme is more suitable for children below the age of 12. Once into teens, the children have a change in their tastes.

Theme cakes

The more suitable themes for teen boys could be a favorite story book idea, a car model or some other fancy electronic gadget. For your teenage girl, go for a princess theme, a castle or a story book character, food shaped cakes or simply try emulating her favorite thing like perhaps a dresser with her favorite things or a goodie bag.

For adults, the theme based cakes work more. The birthday person’s favorite brands of handbag or sports figure or an iconic car logo, the ideas are plenty. All you have to do is find out what’s the most desirable thing of your birthday guy! However, such ideas could be well transformed only with a fondant cake so try and go for it for a more real feel to the cake.

Colourful Sugar Frosting Cakes

Children love colorful cakes. Going for a plain butter cream or sugar frosting cake, done up in lively colorful layers is also a good idea.

Another idea is to go for sugar frosting or butter cream cakes laden with a variety of suitable sprinkles, rainbows, chocolate frills or finely cut fruits. Fresh fruit laden cakes can also be a hit amongst both children and adults.

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Conventional Fruit Cake

Conventional fruit cake

A sober fruit cake for the seniors, above the age of 50 is better. Use cakes decorated with fresh cut fruits or conventional fruit cake, which has dried pulpy fruits in the batter

Calligraphy Cakes

Considering a plain fondant cake with calligraphy and a few decent looking sprinkles can also be a suitable birthday cake idea. Skipping excess butter cream will be a good idea in their cakes. Using the senior’s favorite picture postcard, their profession or a memorabilia  on a fondant cake along with the calligraphy, can be equally popular as well.

Cakes decide the entertainment quotient and spirit of celebrations on birthdays. Hence, it’s important to have an idea for birthday cake that will add just the right spike into birthday celebrations.