5 Exciting Engagement Party Decorations

Engagement Party Decorations

Engagement party is the first event that takes place before the wedding. In this occasion, all the members of the bride’s and the groom’s families as well as their friends interact with each other. Therefore, it is very important to try some fun and exiting decorations for the party.It not only makes the event memorable but also keeps the people in a casual mood. You can definitely make the party exciting but remember not to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Some of the arrangements are listed below:

Exiting Theme Selection For Engagement Party

Exiting Theme Selection For Engagement Party

The first thing that you need to do is select a theme for your engagement party. You can opt for several exciting ideas like gothic themes, Hollywood themes, holiday themes, honeymoon theme, historical themes, retro themes, etc. A nice theme party can create a remarkable impression on the guests and make it memorable for the upcoming years. Moreover, a theme helps to decide other decorations required for the party. A suitable party venue should also be selected. For example, pubs, beaches, gardens, large boats, own home, etc.

Engagement Party Supplies For Decorations:

Engagement Party Supplies For Decorations

Various party supplies are required in order to decorate the party venue. You should choose the decorations according to the theme. For example, you may need dark-colored curtains, neon lights and images for setting up a gothic theme. You may use some Hollywood movie posters, candle lights, etc. for a Hollywood theme whereas old retro music CDs, classic curtains, old-style furniture for a retro theme.

You can even use other decorations like helium balloons, floating candles, historical monuments’ miniatures, unusual flower arrangements, etc. Another interesting concept is to upload a video slide show showcasing the bride and groom’s childhood photos, romantic memories and other unforgettable moments.

Unusual Food For The Engagement Party

Food also plays an important part in the party decorations. You can arrange some exciting and unusual flavors for the engagement ceremony. You can order authentic cuisines and serve them in their traditional ways. You can also modernize the food arrangements by using exciting cocktails, classic wines, innovative snacks and geometric shaped cutleries.

Unusual Food For The Engagement Party

Theme Dresses For The Engagement Party:

It is very important to dress up accordingly in order to make the theme party successful. Everyone can wear dark-colored costumes and make-ups for gothic theme. They can choose bright-colored bell- bottoms, 80’s style hair styles, tight tops, etc. for retro party and attractive bikini, swim wear, etc. for a beach party. They can even imitate the famous historical personalities like Cleopatra, Alexander, Greek gods, etc. and fairytale characters.

Theme Dresses For The Engagement Party

Exiting Games For The Engagement Party:

Games can also help in making the engagement party exciting and entertaining. Everyone can have a blast by participating in the games like truth and dare, couple paper dancing competitions, casino games, etc. You can sit around the couple for playing the truth and dare game. All you need is to spin an empty bottle and ask a question or give a daring task as the bottle stops. Several interesting questions about their dates, honeymoon plans, personal secrets can be asked. As for the paper dancing, several couples’ dance on a single paper and fold it each time the music stops playing.

Exiting Games For The Engagement Party