Exciting Easter Bunny Costumes

Easter is celebrated on a Sunday, the third day post the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on Friday. The Easter Bunny is known in tradition to bring Easter eggs to children on the preceding night of Easter.

The Easter egg is a cue representing the rebirth of Jesus Christ from the grave in the same manner in which a bird hatches from an egg and represents life. This special Easter bunny should have various avatars to create a colorful and pleasurable Easter. Below mentioned are Exciting Easter Bunny Costumes for this year’s special holiday.

Top Tips For Easter Bunny Costumes

Easter Bunny kids Costume

As soon as the Easter bunny is in sight, the happiness across the kids’ faces cannot be matched. A furry jumpsuit ending in full sleeves with mitts will look just right. A bunny mask with big eyes, a pink nose and two front bunny teeth will look super cute.

Easter Bunny kids Costume

Long bunny ears will prove to be great accents. A gold vest and matching bow tie with colorful polka dots will complete the entire outfit of the Easter Bunny carrying candies and eggs for kids.

Easter Bunny Mascot Costume

If you want to be the center of attention for the Easter Parade, immediately opt for this costume. A bunny mascot needs to hop up and down the street and around the church to greet young boys and girls and make their day special with some Easter eggs and candies.

Wear a white furry jumpsuit with matching mitts and small tail. Wear a purple color vest with a red collar and pockets, yellow bow tie and green buttons to give a colorful outcome. Do not forget to don the bunny mask with its signature bunny ears.

Easter White And Pink Bunny Costume

A plush white jumpsuit with furry feet and paws will look adorable. A pink furry U-shaped design on the front of the costume will look pretty with a white zipper back and a tiny tail. For the head, adorn a bunny mask with two gathering pink and white bunny ears.

Pink Bunny Costume

Two black eyes, petite pink nose, red smiling mouth with two front rabbit teeth will look endearing. However, the bunny stays incomplete without a carrot in its paws. So, finish the appearance with a big orange carrot as part of the costume.

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Easter Salt And Pepper Bunny Costume

If you want to enter in an Easter pageant to be held at your local church or at your house party, go for this costume. This costume is not like the usual bunny attire and thus, will add a twist to your bunny manifestation this holiday season. Get a grey jumpsuit with a white furry front to depict an elderly bunny.

Pepper Bunny Costume

Wear grey mitts and similar over-sized feet for added effect. The bunny mask can be the regular one with one difference. Have white fur at the bottom of the mask to represent white beard of an aged bunny. Hold a basket of Easter eggs and toys and walk like an old man to add the final touch. This outcome is sure to amuse kids and make them laugh like a drain.