Enjoyable Kids Halloween Games

Kids Halloween Games Halloween is that occurrence when the entire family gets into the festive flavor and starts planning way ahead. The most excited for Halloween are kids as they get to go trick or treating with their friends all evening.

Along with this massive candy compilation, nowadays kids have their own Halloween parties to attend. These parties involve lots of friendly fun, tasty treats and great games. So, to have the best kids Halloween party at your abode, we give you a list of enjoyable kids halloween games.

Best Ideas For Kids Halloween Games

The Ghost Buster

Write various Halloween characters on chits of paper including “Ghost” and “Ghost Buster” and put them all in a bowl. Ask all the kids to sit in a circle and then pass the bowl around so that each kid can pick up his own chit. The kid that gets the chit with Ghost written on it needs to wink at other kids. The moment the Ghost winks, the kid who he winks at has to say “I’m busted”.

The Ghost Buster

The kid with the chit that reads Ghost Buster has to identify the ghost among all kids. The moment he identifies him, he has to say “Ghost, you are busted”. The game goes on till the ghost is busted or he is successful in winking at the minimum number of kids rule set before starting the game. The funniest moment in the game is when the ghost unknowingly winks at the ghost buster.

Halloween Hunt

It’s endearing to see kids running around having fun at your party. So organize a treasure hunt for them this Halloween gathering. Place Jack-o-Lanterns hidden in various corners of your house stuffed with a lot of twigs and cotton and one piece of paper which has the clue to the next one. The clues should be easy but interesting at the same time to keep kids at their toes and make them have an enjoyable evening. This is a collective game and at the end of the hunt, give some candy goodie bags to all kids as favors.

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Costume Relay

Select a costume for the game like a witch. Keep the costume and all accessories ready. Divide the kids into two teams and make them stand in two separate lines. Keep the witch’s costume and accessories like the hat and broom at the other end. The kids standing first in both lines have to start running to the other end at the count of three.

Costume Relay

Once they reach there, they have to wear the costume, adorn the hat and sit on the broom and spin in their place like a witch on a broom. Once done, they have to run in the costume to the other end and undress. The next kid has to pick up the costume and dress again and run. The team in which all kids finish this activity first win the relay race.

Suck Through The Straw

Draw and cut out Halloween characters in colored papers in small and similar sizes and place them in a bowl. Give each kid a straw and ask him to pick characters in the same color by sucking air through the straw and putting them in an empty bowl. Give all of them the same time and time their turns. The kid that picks the maximum characters in one color is the hands down winner.