Elegant Wedding Invitations For Couples

Thermo graphic invitations For couples who are planning their big wedding day, there is a lot that they need to get done before the actual day. The first and foremost thing that they need to decide on is the invitations. Wedding invitations should be stylish and very classy and should show the guests, friends and family the actual elegance and beauty of your wedding. A perfect wedding invitation should provide the guests with a feeling of warmth and should have a personal touch to it.

Types Of Elegant Wedding Invitations

There are many kinds of wedding invitations that are available for couples to choose from. Some are of the expensive type and some are fairly cheap yet very classy and elegant. Keeping this in mind, the couple must choose their wedding invite according to their budget, the number of people that are invited, and the kind of paper that’s going to be used, the type of design and décor and lastly the envelope. Below are a few of the types of invites:

Embossed Wedding Invitations

This is a traditional type of invite and it is used in almost 90 percent of all wedding invitations. A special 3 d image, writing or design is chosen and is created on the paper. This kind of invitation is a great choice and very elegant and allows the graphics on the invitation to stand out.

Embossed wedding invitations

Embossed flowers, designs and patterns on the edges of the invitation to provide a very classy touch to the card, its beauty and elegance is a great way to impress the people invited.

Thermo Graphic Invitations

This kind of an invite involves having to print on the card but with a raised effect. It consists of some added powder to the ink that helps the ink stand out when printed on the card. This kind of printing is used only to make some sections of the invite stand out from the rest of the card to depict and symbolize its meaning and importance. Another very elegant and stunning kind of invite, which can be got at very affordable prices.

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Jeweled Invitations

These kind of invitations are extremely elegant, stunning and very luxurious. For those who don’t mind spending the extra buck, this is ideal for the most beautiful kind of invites.

Jeweled Invitations

Special diamond crystals, studs and little jewels are used to create a masterpiece. Special gems and glittering stones are stuck onto the card to add elegance and class to the invite.

Matching Invitations

These kind of wedding invites are unique in their own special way. It is crafted and designed according to everything that will be a party of the wedding. The table decoration, the giveaway gifts, the signature book, the flowers, the decoration at the venue, all matches the invites. These are made as per the request of the couple. So for those that makes it to the wedding actually witness the similarity and elegance of the whole idea. These cards are made with intricate floral designs and even lace just to match the wedding day.

The perfect wedding invitation should give every guest and family member an insight to what they would be witnessing on the big wedding day. The couple must ensure that their elegant wedding invitations should have a special personal touch to it to show what this day means to them. So whether you shop online for your invite, or you get it done by a local shop, make sure it has that personal warmth!