Elegant Prom Decorating Ideas

Prom Decorating Ideas Prom is the first formal ball teenagers attend. This makes it a very crucial event in their lives. The music and the decorations should have a formal tone so that the elegance of the event speaks for itself. Decorating is very important in any occasion. A theme could be set and highlighted by the appropriate decorations.

Decorations also help set a certain tone for any event. The venue for a prom should be enriched with elements that portray style and elegance. The ornamentation of the venue should be done keeping in mind luxuriousness and romance. There should be a touch of romance in the decorations as prom is the building block to a budding romance between teenagers. Here are a few decorating ideas.

Prom Decorating Ideas

Smoke Machines

Smoke machines make the atmosphere very enjoyable. When the theme is winter wonderland, this is the best way to highlight it. A bucket of dry ice could also have the same effect. This is a simple, effecting and affordable way to make the prom look extremely elegant and classy.

Smoke Machines

Smoke machines near the dance floor would not only look great, but also be an interesting addition to the decors. Along with the smoke machines, a number of balloons scattered across the floor would give the venue a very youthful yet elegant look.

Event Backgrounds

A prom is generally held in the school gym or auditorium. Event backgrounds help transform the place into something totally different. Printed wallpaper could be used to cover the walls and lockers to fit a particular theme.

Gossamer and metallic paper can also make the venue look extremely magical and wonderful, which is the main focus of the decorations in a prom. Cracked ice paper rolls and ribbons could be used to decorate columns and walls. Great color combinations would be silver and gold and other metallic colors.

Inflatable Decorations

Inflatable arcs and columns could be used to decorate the prom venue. The entrance to the prom might have an inflatable arc for the students to enter through. This would be a simple decoration to prepare and also to dispose off. Different colors could be used and the interiors may be lit up.

Inflatable Decorations

Some commonly used inflatable decorations include inflatable numbers and objects. The objects could be chosen to fit a theme like inflatable beach balls for a beach themed prom.

Cardboard Cutouts

Pictures from a prom carry a lot of memories. To make these memories sweeter, the prom venue could be decorated with cardboard cutouts. These cut outs could be chosen according to a particular theme like a rock star theme might have the cutout of a famous rock star.


Candles fill any atmosphere with romance. They are the perfect prom decorations. The candles could be placed on the tables or for primary lighting purposes.


Due to the presence of a lot of students, safety measures need to be taken into account. For example, the candles could have a fireproof covering and fire extinguishers could be kept around just in case of an accident.