Elegant Evening Gowns For Prom Dresses

Elegant Evening Gowns Evening Gowns spell elegance and class when worn for any occasion. They give you the charm and confidence to carry yourself with wonderful poise.

On your important day, the prom, when your date is waiting at the door for you, you want to walk down to him in the prettiest of all dresses. Hence, opt for an evening gown for your prom dress to look beautiful and attractive and please your date. Here’s a list of evening gown styles that you can select from to wear to your prom.

Prom Dresses Evening Gowns


A Trumpet styled gown hugs your body tightly till the knees and then flows down from that point till the hem. These gowns can flow down in any form ranging from an A-line to ruffles to a train end. A one shoulder strap looks great on a trumpet style gown. This style generally needs a zipper back since the gown is tightly fitted at the top. A buttoned back is another option for the gown. A trumpet gown is definite to make you look scintillating and ravishing on prom night.


As the name suggests, a mermaid styled gown hugs the bodice tightly and then flows into a tail in a mermaid fashion. A strapless style looks best in a mermaid trend.

Prom Dress Styles

A sweetheart neckline to go along with the tube gown gives a fashionable extravagance to it. A mermaid gown in bright hues looks bold and sensuous in its appeal.


A style in which the gown is fitted till the bust line and then falls down in a loose and free manner is an empire styled gown. An empire evening dress looks pretty in almost every kind of style, be it a one shoulder strap, a tube neckline, a V-neck with sleeves or with straps. It gives a very formal yet youthful impression which is exactly what you need at the prom. It is also suited for all body types and keeps you at comfort when put on. When accessorized with a bust belt, it looks chic.

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Ball Gown

A Ball gown is one of the most formal attires of all the evening dresses. It implies elegance and beauty when adorned by any girl. It is body hugging till the waist and the skirt is a little lifted on all sides like a ball.

Classic Ball Gown

It gives a Barbie doll effect when worn. A tube sweetheart neckline looks superlative with a ball gown style. Alternatively, it will look nice in an off shoulder pattern with a crush effect at the back.


An A-line gown is well fitted at the top and then flows down till the hem in a straight manner without gathering along the way. It is one of the basic styles of evening dresses but is formal at the same time. Since it is quite simple in its form, it can be enhanced in style by adding a halter neck to it and ending it in a cross back with some glitter and shine on the halter straps and crossed back.