Easy Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers

Birthday Party Ideas For Teenagers Teenagers are very energetic. They also have a short attention span. It is therefore a good idea to make room for a lot of activities at a birthday party for a teenager. This would keep the teenagers occupied and occupied teenagers always have a fun time. Teenage birthday parties should be predominated with fast food and games.

It is always a good idea to host the birthday party at an entertaining venue like the arcade or a bowling alley. A house birthday party should have a lot of games and activities. Here are a few birthday party ideas for teenagers.

Teenagers Birthday Party

Good Entertainment

Entertainment is very enjoyable at a party. You could have an entertainment act when the food is served or at the beginning of the party. The entertainment act could include a dance group or a singing group.

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A magician or a comedian could also be invited to the party. The teenagers should be impressed by the entertainment, enough to stay captivated with it for a while.

A Competition

Teenagers have a very competitive streak. This streak, when challenged can engage them in a particular activity for a long time. You could have a competition at the birthday party. This could be any kind of competition. If your child and most of his/her friends are into a particular sport you could have a competition regarding that sport. If the child is more of an indoor kind, you could have quizzes and other games in which the child and his or her friends can compete.

Endless Supply Of Fast Food

Parents might be worried about the type of food teenagers consume. They might also be against fast food. A birthday party however is not the place to enforce healthy eating. Fries and pizzas and burgers would be appreciated by the teenagers. You could place orders in advance so that there is no confusion on the day of the party.


Also, there should be a lot of carbonated drinks around like cola or soda. Teenagers get hungry very quick and fast food would be the perfect way to satisfy hunger.

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Many might associate balloons with a child’s party. But, contrary to such belief, balloons at a birthday party are always a great decoration. This is because balloons are primarily associated with birthdays and thus sets the proper mood.

For teenagers, instead of having a large number of colorful balloons, a couple of colors might be selected. The colors could have sober combinations like pink and white or yellow and white. The balloons could be scatterd across the floor in an indoor venue or pinned up in an outdoor one.


One much desired element at a teenagers party is good music. This could be achieved by hiring a good DJ or compiling a mix before the party starts. Shuffling between music trying to find the right track during the party could be distracting for the host. One should have a readymade playlist of at least 20 songs to get the party going.

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The songs should essentially be dance songs. Popular songs should be played. A good idea is to compile a playlist of the top ten or twenty tracks played on the radio. One could never go wrong with such a playlist as most of the guests would have heard it.