8 Easy And Affordable Decoration Ideas For A Baby Shower

Decoration Ideas For A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a wonderful occasion to bring your friends and family together to bless a new mom to be! And the decorations have to be absolutely in sync with the occasion! A baby shower is a fun occasion so the decor has to be light yet festive and very much in keeping with the feel of bringing a new baby home.

But don’t just hire a professional decorator! There are a lot of new and innovative ways by which you can decorate your baby shower with a lot of affection and imagination! So here are some ideas that will help you throw a lovely baby shower with terrific decorations!

Easy And Affordable Decoration Ideas For A Baby Shower

1. Decorate Your Party With Beautiful Candles

Candles are ideal decorations for any occasion! Especially they are absolutely perfect for a baby shower! They give warmth to the atmosphere and cozies it up! So select candles that go with the color theme of your party. Baby showers are usually decorated keeping baby pink, blue and yellow in mind. So buy scented candles in light colors like pink lavender, blue, and beige and add warmth to your baby shower! The scent of theses aromatic candles are wonderful for setting the mood for the new mum to be.

2. Decorate With Banners Made Of Napkins And Plastic Cups

Why do you have to follow norm and decorate with streamers and balloons alone! Think a lot and invest well! Hit a party decoration store and you will be infused with wonderful ideas for decoration of a baby shower! Keep the color theme in your mind before you make any purchases. For e.g. if you are decorating with blue and pink color then buy plastic cups in these two shades and also paper napkins of the same colors.

3. Decorate With Soft Toys

Every new mom to be will be needing lots and lots of soft toys for her new baby! So why not give them to her on her baby shower itself! Buy some cute and cuddly soft toys and use them to decorate the party! A cute teddy here and a bunny there will only make guests and the new mom drool over your skills at party management.

4. Use Baby Bottles Innovatively

Baby bottles look extremely adorable when you look at them at the store itself! So you can imagine how cute they would look at your baby shower! Arrange for some cute and colorful baby feeding bottles and put them to innovative use! Use them as serving glasses for the guests or even as ketchup containers! They will defiantly help the mom to be get into the habit of being around baby stuff! Alternately you can also use self painted cut outs of baby items like bottles, nappies, little shoes etc to decorate the party with!

5. Use Christmas Lights And Other Decorations For Your Shower

If you are low on your budget for the shower then you can make very creative use of decorations from Christmas! The decorations that you light the Christmas tree with can be used to decorate the shower! String together bells, balls and stars and hang them across the room! If the baby shower is around Christmas then you can even decorate a Christmas trees with little baby things like rattles and other cute objects that you are going to gift the mum to be!

6. Use Little Baby Clothes As Very Cute Decorations For The Shower

Whenever we see tiny baby clothes in stores it makes us wonder how tiny must the little ones be in order to fit into one of these! Well you can buy the cutest of these tiny clothes and hang them around the mantel piece or the chimney place to set a very quaint and fitting atmosphere for the baby shower! Tiny vests for the baby, little shoes and hats look very cute when they are strung together innovatively! And moreover they will be wonderful gifts for the newborn when he/she arrives.

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7. Set The Table For The Guests In Keeping With The Theme Of  Your Shower

After you are done with the decoration for the party, it is also important that you set the same mood at the table! Use items that are easily related to the baby! Cut out objects in the shape of baby toys and use them as a centerpiece for the table! You can use a giant pooh soft toy as a centerpiece! Cut out table napkins in the shape of tulles and baby nappies and hand them to the guests! Let the color coordination be the same as the rest of the party and you can use the same colored combination of satin ribbons to tie around the chairs and to give a very complete feel to the decor of the shower.

8. Decorating The Cake

The baby shower cake is the highlight of the party! So pay extreme attention to the cake. Plan everything minutely and then order the cake so that it matches with the theme of the shower! You can ask your baker to add some quotation for the new mom to be! The colors used must be in sync with that of the rest of the shower! You can even order the baker to bake the cake in the shape of a baby bottle, or a baby girl’s dress if you know it’s going to be a girl!  Use little ideas and a lot of imagination and throw a great baby shower.