10 Creative Easter Wreath Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Creative Easter Wreath Ideas

Easter celebrations begin with decorating the house. It is a fun and merry making time. Usually lot of things are used in Easter decoration but one common thing which all the people celebrating Easter use is wreaths. They are common in every house and you can use wreath in walls or on the front doors. These wreaths can be easily made at home by using simple creative ideas.

Below Are Some Easy-to-make Home Wreaths:

Yarn Wreath

Woollen yarns are available in almost all the colours. Purchase a round shaped pipe and cover the pipe with different colour yarns. You can select light shades of yellow, blue, pink and green and alternatively use these colours and cover the whole pipe. Attach some plastic flowers or cut some flowers out of coloured paper and attach it on the wreath. You can also attach 2 bunnies on the wreath.

Yarn wreath

Yarn Egg Wreath

Yarn egg wreaths look unique and decorative if placed on the front door. Get 20-25 plastic eggs. Buy yarns of different colours and cover the plastic eggs with it. You can make egg balls of different shapes by covering them with less or more yarns. After covering all the plastic eggs stitch them together in a circular shape to form a wreath and hang a bunny from it to complete the look.

Yarn egg wreath

Thread Wreath

Purchase a box full of thread spool. Use these spools to make a wreath. Stitch the spools together in a circular shape. You may need around 80-100 spools to make a wreath. Decorate it with coloured ribbons and bows and hang it on the walls or front door to give it a different look.

Thread wreath

Fabric Wreath

Take silk fabric and create a wreath. Use your creativity and decorate it with ribbons, flowers, silver bells and a bunny. It is simple to make. Cover a circular object with silk fabric. Attach ribbons on it and let it hang loosely. Make a soft toy bunny and hang it on the wreaths. Make some paper flowers and attach it on the wreath. You can decorate it with silver bells and stars to give it an attractive look.

Fabric wreath

Bamboo Wreath

Take some bamboo sticks. Form a circular shape out of these by tying the sticks to each other to form the base. Now to decorate the base sticks, take some plastic leaves and flowers and cover the base with these. You can also use fresh leaves and flowers. Take some plastic eggs and attach the same to the wreath. It is simple to make and gives a different look.

Bamboo wreath

Easter Basket Wreath

Take some twigs and form a wreath. Now attach a plastic basket to it. Decorate the basket with beautiful silk flowers. You can also put a bunny in it. On the outside of the basket decorate with plastic eggs and attach ribbons of different colours to it to complete the look. You can hang this on your front door. Also you can you different embellishment to give it a gorgeous look.

Easter basket wreath

Cupcake Wreath

You can purchase a packet of cup cake liners of different colours. Paste these liners to one another to form a circular shape. Take silk ribbons and attach these cups on them. Decorate it with small decorative objects. Hang a small bunny from it. You can also use paper flowers of different colour to make your wreath appear vibrant.

Cupcake wreath

Seed Pot Wreath

This forms a unique wreath. Purchase some plastic seed pots of different shapes and colours. Join these pots in a circular shape. You can decorate these with artificial leaves and flowers to give it a vibrant look. You can put clay in some pots and plant small artificial plants. Put a small bunny in it along with a carrot. It gives a very different look on your door.

Seed pot wreath

Paper Garland Wreath

Take some white paper, crush it and make garland out of the crushed paper. This forms the base of the wreath. Now make small craft objects by using your creativity such as stars, flowers and colourful bells. Paste them on these wreaths. You can cut few paper bunnies and attach let them hang from strings. Use coloured papers to give it a vibrant look.

Paper garland wreath

Umbrella Wreath

In this wreath you can make use of cocktail umbrellas. These cocktail umbrellas are available in different colours in the market. Purchase 30-35 umbrellas and arrange them in a circular form to form a wreath. You can use your creativity and decorate it with bunnies or ribbons or just let it stand alone. It looks really nice on your walls and has an entirely different look.

Umbrella wreath

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