Drinking Gifts For Women

Drinking Gifts For Women

Drinking Gifts For Women Alcohol is a very good gift option. They are suitable for anyone who is eighteen or older. They can also be gifted on any occasion. Alcohol can be used for a variety of purposes but when given as gifts are used for drinking purposes. Gifting a woman a bottle of wine or champagne is a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion.

Unlike other gifts, which require prior knowledge of likes, dislikes, size and so on, alcohol is not person specific and can be gifted to anyone. Listed below are a few drinking gifts for women. All of these are worthy of consideration.

Various Drinking Gifts For Women


Wine comes is a blood red color or a transparent white color. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to wine. If you do not know which one the receiver prefers, you could be on the safe side and gift a bottle of both red and white wine.


Either way, this is a gift that shall definitely be appreciated. You could combine a bottle of wine with a set of wine glasses.


When it comes to celebrating any occasion, a bottle of bubbly is a must. Champagne is a wonderful drink which makes it a great gift. The receiver shall be overjoyed with a bottle of champagne.

A bottle of champagne could be opened during the party or the gathering in the midst of friends and family. The bottle could be gift wrapped or decorated with a colorful and shiny ribbon. A handwritten note could accompany the bottle to highlight the occasion.


This is distilled spirit which is flavored with herbs, spices, flavors and cream and bottled after adding sugar. Liqueur is a highly sugary drink and is consumed in its original form without adding water or soda. This drink is typically consumed as a nightcap and accompanied with chocolates.

Fruit liqueur

There are various categories of liqueurs which range from berry liqueurs to coffee liqueurs to fruit liqueurs. High in flavors and sugar, this is a great gift for a woman.

Pink Champagne

Pink champagne is champagne with a feminine twist. The lovely pink color makes it a very decorative and appealing drink, especially for a woman. It could be accompanied by a box of delicious chocolates. Pink champagne is the ideal gift for a woman.

The drink is very celebratory and the color very pretty. All in all, this gift is a wonderful one. Along with a bottle of champagne, you could gift a delicious box of chocolates. The chocolates could be wrapped in a pink gift wrapping paper when combined with a bottle of pink champagne.


Transparent and odorless, vodka makes a great woman’s gift. Women love variety and flavor and vodka offers that quality. This is because; vodka is a drink that can be flavored with a variety of essence.

Green apple vodka

Green apple vodka and coffee vodka is two of the many flavors this drink can have. You could gift a number of small vodka bottles all of which shall have a different flavor.