DIY Scary Yummy Halloween Treats

It’s time to Trick or Treat! No fest or festival, celebration or carnival is complete without the yummy treats, and Halloween is the occasion to trick or treat. Even it has its distinct fervour and flavors. Creativity, invention and horror can also be cooked into food. Yes, this tutorial shows you how. At the same time beware to not be scared because as gory these snacks may look it is also tasty, something horrifically scrumptious for your guests to enjoy.

If horror, spooky, scary, gruesome and gory is what, that appeals to you about Halloween, and if its the same you think halloween treats should look like, then this DIY snack tutorial is just for you.

No need to cook, easy to make and quicker to eat, bloody dead bread fingers, eye pooping soda drinks, chocolaty spiders and monster pretzels to fill your scrumptious palette. Do not let the name or look keep you from making some and tasting these horrifically yummy and grue-awesome snack treats. Try it to taste it and be surprised. These ain’t as gory to taste as it appears. Beware!

A tutorial of a platter full of tricky palatable tasty treats:

Enjoy tricking and treating, happy Halloween.