DIY ‘Glow In The Dark’ Nail Polish For Halloween

Nail polish adds more glow to the beauty of hands. The different colors and textures available in market are a treat for ladies. These nail polishes may add beauty when put on in colors or textures matching to the dress a lady is wearing, but it does not necessarily glow in the dark. It glows in dark when tons of layers have put on and in order to do that, it takes more time to be spent on single element in overall make-up.

This video presents a simple DIY procedure to make glow in the dark nail polish which glows more in dark than store-bought nail polishes. It takes only two ingredients to prepare a nail polish mixture – a solar color glow dust and fair nail polish. The process is very simple to implement. Pouring mixture into container, mix it and putting on nails using brush. The more glow dust we put, the nail polish becomes thicker. The glow in the dark nail polish looks more vibrant, which is the major difference between this DIY nail polish and store-bought one. Using old eyeliners to make various designs on nails makes nails more alluring. Halloween is coming close and you can use this glow in the dark nail polish to scare people when complemented by relevant costume. Watch this video.