5 Different Watch Engraving Ideas


Different Watch Engraving Ideas

Watch engraving is in existence for hundreds of years now. It has become common for people to engrave iPods, iPhones and watches on the reverse side. A watch is one of the best items to personalize a thing of your choice. Gifting a personalized watch will make it a wonderful gift and engraving will add a personal touch to it. However, be careful when engraving because it remains there for life.

Different Watch Engraving Ideas

1. A Personalized Message

You may opt to include a personalized message as one of the watch engraving ideas. In such cases, let your heart speak out. The watch engraving gift idea may be for your friend, your teacher or your life-partner.

It can be a perfect personalized gift. “For the best person”, “For the best mother in the world”, “For the best teacher in the world” are some of the taglines you can engrave on the watch. It is important to remember and keep the words to minimum so that space, for the words to be engraved on the plate, would be sufficient.

A Personalized Message

2. Quotations For Watch Engraving

Putting quotable quotes at the back of the watches is another popular concept. They are either inspirational or popular quotes by world-renowned people. You may also engrave prominent quotes on a watch, even if they are from different languages. Therefore, it does not have to be in your mother tongue only. For example, “Vene vidi vici” in Latin is one popular phrase that is engraved on the watches that stands for I came, I saw, I conquered. “Carpe diem,” is another Latin expression that stands for “Seize the day”.

Quotations For Watch Engraving

3. Watch Engraving For Wedding

One of the common gifts to present to your better half is the watch. The marriage is an occasion when it is common to exchange watches as wedding gifts. It’s about time… I met you” was a very popular quote on the TV series “Sex and the City”. Apart from that “I do”, “Only Yours” and “marry me” are some of the personal messages you can put on the watch. These could also become good ideas for proposing your future life partner.

Watch Engraving For Wedding

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4. Prominent Dates In Your Life

You do not need to remember every single incident in detail. Humans are blessed with selective memory. Dates are a good reminder of such events.

The first time the two of you met, the date of your marriage; your first marriage anniversary are good examples of reminding you of landmark events in your life. You can easily engrave at least a couple of dates at the reverse side of your watch.

 Prominent Dates In Your Life

5. Engraved Watches For Your Friends

You can gift watches engraved with personalized message for your friends. You can put messages on the watch with pun intended. If your friend has passed an important examination in his or her life, a watch reading “A job well done” could probably be the most fitting gift.

Engraved Watches For Your Friends

If your long-time friend has got married, a message like “Congratulations” or “Good luck for a new beginning” could be appropriate. What’s more, you can even engrave the couple’s name for a more exciting experience. Depending on if your friend is male or a female, you can personalize your message accordingly.