Different Types Of Modest Prom Dresses For All

Prom Dresses

Prom is an occasion that has relevance in everybody’s life. Not only is it an important tool of social interaction, but also a stepping stone that defines the coming of age of two individuals. When girls in senior high wait eagerly to be asked as prom dates, their fathers also spend anxious hours thinking about the their daughter’s first prom and reliving the time they had spent at prom, when they were students themselves.

Prom is an occasion that requires modest prom dresses for all. And the first time fathers and mothers see their daughters coming down the flight of stairs, it leaves both parties misty-eyed. Some common modest prom dresses are as follows:

Different Types Of Modest Prom Dresses For All

Modest Special Occasion Prom Party Dress

Organza blue prom dress
Nothing spells wonder for your little daughter than this modest special occasion dress which is made with organza material. The dress comes in blue colour, which is a festive colour and the azure hues it gives out, makes it the perfect choice to be worn on an evening out with that special person. The designer has deftly used cap sleeves on this dress to accentuate the arms of the wearer but at the same time gives the dress a modest look.

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Modest Prom Dress In Navy Blue

From blue to navy blue, this dress offers a variation in the colour scheme of modest prom dresses for all. Made with chiffon material, the dress in question is composed of solid patterns and its regular size appeals to most young girls/women. The full length dress is navy blue in colour and two of these facets combined, the dress gets a formal look. The cap sleeve is again the choice as a sleeve. The A-line silhouette and embellishments like hand rolled flowers and small green leaves done in satin complete the look.

Modest Prom Dress In Taffeta

The popular choice of sleeves, for this modest prom dress is again cap sleeve. The dress gets its shape from crinoline which has been used to line it and underline it. The dark scarlet colour and the taffeta material are as much as an enigma as the person who wears it.

Modest prom dress in taffeta

The designer has used beading as an embellishment especially around the waist and knee downwards. The dress opens up in layers up to the front which then divulges the beading embellishment as mentioned before.

Modest Prom Dress In Satin And Crepe

Another azure addition to the modest prom dresses for all collection, this dress is a full-length and full lined prom dress that stuns you with its use of the portrait collar. The designer gives the dress a gorgeous look, touch and feel with the use of satin and crepe as materials, and creates a two-piece look.

Modest prom dress in satin and crepe

The bodice is made of satin with embellishments like rhinestone buttons which have been aesthetically used on the sides where there is a dropped waistline. The skirt is made of crepe with an A-line silhouette.

Modest Prom Dress In Peach

For a formal occasion or a semi-formal occasion like a prom party, peach as a colour can do wonders. It is stereotypically a feminine colour that accentuates any complexion. The full-length of this modest dress in peach compounds the appeal of this dress when it is conjugated with an asymmetrical hemline. The satin material and the solid pattern will make the wearer have a solid presence on the dance floor.

Modest prom dress in peach

The chiffon overlay used by the designer brings out the taste of the wearer and the designer and make way for the beading to be visible in the front as well as at the back. The scalloped front of the dress will leave you speechless.

The modest prom dresses discussed above show that fashion does not have to be bohemian or scantily clad women. It can do much more when you respect your modesty and show off the inner beauty you possess.