Different Types Of Easter Bread Recipes

Easter, like any other festival, can be easily associated with foods. However, owing to different cultures, countries and rituals, the festival food too marks its presence in a different way.

Breads have remained an integral part of the fest, but these breads take a different route in different nations, especially on Easter. Let’s see what different variants are available for Easter breads.

6 Types Of Easter Bread Recipes

Eastern European Egg Twisted Bread

This is a very poular breakfast or even the main course bread in majority of Europe. Called by different names for instance, its Houska for the Bohemians and Czechs, Challah for the Jewish people and Chalka, another name coined by the Poles.

Eastern European Egg Twist Bread

This bread is a popular version for making French toast and bread pudding in Easter too! However, the wholesome twisted egg bread is the hot favorite on Easter.

Bulgarian Easter Bread Is Another Kind

Also known as the Kazunak, the Bulgarian Easter bread is not just popular Easter bread, but also equally favored in Christmas. This bread is quite rich as it is made with eggs and raisins, which is stuffed inside. This bread is slightly sweet and is often believed to be a cross between coffee cake and bread.

Croatian Bread Is Something Like Dolls

These kinds of breads are even called Croatian Easter bread dolls. These breads are made up of slightly sweetened yeast dough, which are in turn wrapped around hard boiled eggs.

Croatian Easter bread dolls

Being Easter, these hard boiled eggs are often colored, to bring in that festive feel to the bread. This is the bread that can be enjoyed as it is.

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Velykos Pyragas Is Lithuanian Easter Bread

This bread is also quite similar to the above as in being stuffed with raisins, but it has a slight difference. It’s made with sweet yeast dough like the Croatian bread, but isn’t worked around a hardboiled egg. It has the goodness of milk too, which makes it soft, spongy and sweet.

Kulich Is Great For Breakfast

Russians have their own way of celebrating a festival like Easter and that is with great food. For breads too, they have Kulich, which is important for Easter. It looks a long cylindrical piece of bread, which usually gets the blessing of a parish priest before being served to the guests.


The crumb is sweet, owing to its cross between cake and bread. In addition to being sweet, the bread lends a nutty flavor owing to dry fruits like nuts and raisins. It even includes citrus rind in it.

Italians Very Version Of The Bread Is Sweet

This is another take on the Easter bread recipe. Like others too, the bread is sweet because of the sweet yeast dough and sugar citrus juice.

Festivals always build unique memories of clothing, food, people and moments. Since Easter is all about celebrating the festival with food and merry making, get your hands on food, which isn’t just delicious, but offers some traditional insight into the festival as well. Try these recipes and enjoy the festival food, in a more traditional, conventional way.