4 Decorating Ideas For A Birthday Party Tent

Decorating Ideas For A Birthday Party Tent

If you have a large garden or you are planning on renting space, a birthday party in a tent would be really cool. Here are some awesome decorating ideas for a birthday party tent.

Ideas For A Birthday Party Tent Decorations

1. Pick A Fun Theme

The first thing on your to-do list is choosing a really cool theme for the birthday party. Themes should be age appropriate and colors tastefully selected. For kids you could go with colorful themes like a circus theme which is ideal for a tent. Teen and adult birthday party themes can also be colorful, or more low-key like gaming birthday or sports birthday themes.

Pick A Fun Theme

2. Decorating The Poles And Canopy Of The Tent

Begin by decorating the outside of the tent. Using simple decorations like ribbons, streamers and balloons, you can transform a tent into a place of fun and entertainment in no time at all. Depending on the size and shape of the tent, you can modify these instructions. Use ribbons, paper or fabric to cover the tent poles completely.

You can also attach balloons to the tops of the poles, and string up a colorful birthday banner festooned with streamers and ribbons for a truly celebratory effect. If you have a pointy canopy, you can attach a small flag which goes with the theme, like the Jolly Roger for a pirate party.

For a more elegant touch, entwine polka dotted or striped silk ribbons around the poles, attach small silk or real flowers to them, and use small bunches of flowers and a simple ribbon-decorated banner to decorate the top of your canopy. If you have sides to your birthday party tent, use the same kind of decor for the walls.

Decorating The Poles And Canopy Of The Tent

3. Decorating The Ceiling

Take your decor inside the tent and add some pizzazz to your tent’s ceiling by using hanging decorations like party mobiles and ornaments that go with the color scheme. For a really chic look, drill holes through medium sized plastic balls, paint them with your own unique designs, and then hang them from the ceiling using hooks.

You can also use balloons to decorate the ceiling by filling them up with helium and letting them cluster at the ceiling, or by securing them in bunches in the corners. Another alternative ceiling decoration for a birthday party tent is using paper lanterns. If you have basic sewing skills you can also use fabric to decorate the ceiling before putting up the tent.

Decorating The Ceiling

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4. Decorating The Furniture

The first thing your guests are probably going to notice is your buffet table or the central table. The smaller tables have to be decorated to complement or match the central table. To create really eye-catching decor for your tables all you need is a few things like fabric, ribbon and a bit of lace or netting if you want a more feminine touch.

Decorating The Furniture

For instance, using a plain white tablecloth or material as your base, you can sew ribbons along the edges to form a frilled edge, giving your tablecloth some extra color. You can also make your table decor look spectacular by using table skirts, which you can make yourself or purchase online at stores like eBay or Amazon.

Use ornamental items like vases or candle stands to add extra appeal to your tables. Themed centerpieces are also a good idea. Chairs are best left undecorated but you could decorate the chairs with slipcovers for a more formal and elegant look.