5 Decorating For A Tangled Birthday Party

Tangled Birthday Party

If your little girl or little boy (yes, you can have a tangled themed party for a boy!) loves fairy tales like Rapunzel, a Tangled birthday party might be just the thing for you. This Disney princess story gives plenty of scope for creative party ideas including better color combinations than the other princess cartoons, which mostly use pink.

Decorations For A Tangled Birthday Party

1. Tangled Birthday Party Invitations

Purchase themed birthday party invitations online or make your own. If you are going the DIY route, use pretty pink or green cardstock with small cutouts of Rapunzel or Flynn respectively, to make simple but cute cards for a girl’s or boy’s birthday. Alternatively, you could take printouts of the attractive Tangled themed invitations available at the Disney site.

2. Tangled Birthday Party Decorations

Use either store-bought Disney merchandise to decorate your home for a Tangled birthday party or make your own themed decorations. Even if you lack artistic aptitude, you needn’t worry. You can easily get awesome ideas for paper decorations from the Disney website. The site has detailed tutorials to help you make cute and creative Tangled themed decorations.Using the tutorials, you can decorate your home with beautiful Tangle-inspired paper sky lanterns, your child’s very own Rapunzel tower, Flynn “Wanted Posters”, and even paper Maximus dolls! Don’t forget to include some cute Pascal favors and Tangled themed party hats for all the invited kiddies.

You can find a tutorial for Pascal favors at the Disney site. To make party hats, simply use cardstock or thick paper shaped into cones. With the help of glitter pens and markers, sketch out the contours or silhouettes of Tangled movie characters. For example, draw an outline of Pascal on blue party hats for boy invitees and an outline of Rapunzel or the Magic Flower on pink hats for girls. You can also buy Tangled birthday party supplies sets that include cups, paper plates, napkins and favors.

3. Tangled Themed Gifts

How about getting your little girl a Rapunzel Collectible doll or a Flynn doll? You can purchase these dolls online at sites like Disney and Amazon, or buy them at the nearest ToysRUS. For a boy, you might want to get something different like a white rocking horse to help him pretend that he is Flynn riding Maximus to rescue Rapunzel from the wicked Gothel.


You can also buy Tangled water color books, stationery, bags, make-up kits, jewelry, special DVD editions, and lots of other themed items. Just make sure you buy something that is age appropriate and something that your child will enjoy.

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4. The Cake

Since this is a Tangled birthday party you’re planning, a pretty cake to go with the theme would just about add that special finishing touch to your child’s birthday. Using your child’s favorite cake recipe, prepare a Rapunzel, Pascal, Flynn or tower shaped cake. You can even bake a cake in the shape of Maximus’s head.

Alternatively, you can go for a simple round or square shaped cake with as many layers as you want, and decorate with icing sketches of Tangled characters and mark the contours of the cake with Magic Flowers all around. If your child likes nuts, add some hazelnuts for an authentic “Tangled flavor”. For the rest of the menu, go with Pascal cupcakes (look up Disney for the recipe), hazelnut soup (Rapunzel’s favorite), hazelnut cookies, flower shaped cookies, chips and dips, etc.

5. Tangled Birthday Party Entertainment

Play the Tangled soundtrack during activities to create that perfect atmosphere. Organize fun games for the little ones, like a treasure hunt, charades, and even art activities. Get out some child-safe paints and a large poster and let the children have fun creating their very own Tangled inspired painting.For the treasure hunt, use objects like hairbrushes, paper mache figures of Pascal and other characters.

Don’t forget to give each child a little something to remember your child’s birthday.Either purchase Tangled themed merchandise to use as mementoes, or make unique gifts like a cloth magic flower pin or a pencil set decorated with Pascal contours. You will also need to set aside some gifts for prizes.