Dazzling Dresses For The Wedding

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life. On this momentous occasion, you would want everything to be as perfect as it can be, including your wedding dress.

Nonetheless, finding the ideal wedding dress is not a back of the hand job. You need someone knowledgeable to take you through all your options before you can zero down on one particular dress. So, here’s a list of dazzling dresses for the wedding for you to pick one and say, “Yes, This is it!”

Various Types Of Dazzling Wedding Dresses


An A-line dress is tight on the body till the waist line and like the alphabet A, flares down into a straight skirt without creasing in between.

A-line Wedding Dresses

You can go in for a pleated bodice with the last pleat going up as a strap to hold the bodice intact. The rest of the dress can remain plain to enhance the unique look of the bodice. This dress will definitely give you a fresh and modern appearance.


A Sheath dress has a straight fall with a body hugging silhouette, not flaring into a skirt like most of the other dresses. It will suit a thinner body type as it will end up in a straight fit. Go in for a strapped jeweled collar neckline with the back ending in a criss-cross fashion. These straps can continue from the sides and come to the center of the back to tie a knot like a make shift belt. This dress is sure to make your groom’s heart skip a beat.

Dropped Waist

A Dropped Waist dress has a dropped waist line and subsequently flares into a skirt. You can select a skirt with a chapel train to give you fairy-like appeal.

Dropped Waist

Opt for an asymmetric bodice embellished with crystals in places to give a random sparkling effect. The skirt can be done up with ruffles or layers giving it some body and structure. This attire will make you look graceful and charming as you walk down the aisle.

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An Empire dress has a fitted look till the bust line and then flares down into a loose skirt. You can go in for a one shoulder strap with floral appliques on it continuing at the back in a diagonal strap. The bust line can be accentuated with a belt or a brooch to give it a rich look. In addition, the bodice can be given a gathered effect, thus making you come across as a chic and fashionable bride.


As per the name, a Mermaid Dress hugs the body tight and ends up into a mermaid tail. Like a mermaid, this dress gives a very sensuous and aesthetic appeal when adorned. Choose a sweetheart neckline with halter straps going behind into a T-shaped back with embroidered pearls on the front and back straps.

Backless Mermaid dress

The pearl embroidery can continue till the end of the bodice giving it a heavy and elegant appeal. This ensemble along with your gloves and veil will make you a well-dressed and beautiful bride.