Cute Baby Ideas For Shower

Baby Ideas For Shower Organizing a baby shower is a moment of pride and joy coming from becoming a parent and welcoming your baby into this world. Parenthood brings with it never before experienced happiness and thus celebrating such euphoria is of utmost importance.

A baby shower involves a lot of planning and preparations right from setting a theme, sending out invitations, arranging for the decorations to ordering a cake and favors. To guide you, we have mentioned below cute baby ideas for shower so that you can have an enjoyable celebration.

Cute Baby Ideas For Shower


Once you have a cute and babyish theme set, everything else falls into place. You can have a basic blue or pink theme as per your boy or girl expectation or a combination of both.

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A jungle theme will lead your celebration into a fun and crazy zone with everyone bouncing and going wild. Having a theme based on nursery rhymes will bring back fond childhood memories for you and your guests and everybody will have a pleasant time.


A cute baby shower commands equally cute baby invitations to be sent out to all guests. You can have a cute baby picture on the invite with a message saying “Let’s shower her with love”.

An adorable alternative is to have a pram sketched out in blue on the cover of the invite stating, “Yay, we have a baby boy on the way”. These delightful notes on your invitations will send out a lot of love to your guests with a humble request to join you at your baby shower gathering.


A baby shower calls for everything that is lovely and endearing. At the entrance, put up a banner reading, “It’s a Girl/Boy”. Have pretty poms dangling from the ceiling in the entire venue.

 Decorations For Baby Shower

Set up a balloon stand with a foil covered weight for the favor corner with a baby picture on a big round balloon with “Our bundle of joy” written around it. A baby party is incomplete without streamers so use them for your wall decorations. Balloon clutters in every corner will look peppy and bright.

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In the present times, cakes are the biggest dictators of party themes. Hence, the cake at your baby shower needs to be the cutest. You can get a cake customized with a green pea pod at the top with a baby lying in it and a sweet little message below it saying, “Welcome to our world, Sweet Pea”.

Conversely, you can also have a cake with a character in a huge tummy and have a note stating, “Goodbye Tummy, Hello Mommy”. Both these cakes will be great sensations at the baby shower.


Play some games at the baby shower to liven up the event and reduce some stress of the parents to be. You can a play a game by getting your initial stock of diapers for the baby ready in the shower.

Baby Shower Games

Distribute the diapers among your guests and ask them to write something funny at the front. The funniest remark can win a prize and you can laugh out loud every time you make your baby wear one with a real funny line.


For the favors, have little baby things to create and distribute. Make small nappies out of cloth or fancy papers and fill them with gummy bears and marshmallows.

You can also arrange for candy in packets and hold them with colorful shirts made out of paper with the packets passing through the neck hole. It is always nice to send your guests home with satisfying smiles.