6 Creative Baby Elephant Theme For Baby Shower

Baby Elephant Theme

6 Creative Baby Elephant Theme For Baby Shower

A very important aspect of throwing a baby shower is the selection of the theme. The theme selection varies with taste but here I have a fabulous theme that is sure to be a hit with all. A cute baby elephant theme is a theme where you can go wild with your ideas. It is believed in some cultures that elephants never forget and I am pretty sure this theme will not be forgotten easily by those who experience it.

The color of the baby elephants could be anything but they won’t stop looking cute. Think pink and gray or just pink or just mauve for a baby girl and maybe a yellow or a blue one for the baby boy. You know what; color doesn’t matter at all here. Below I have discussed ideas about the uber cute theme.

Creative Ideas For Baby shower

1. The Invitation Cards

The invitation cards are the first step towards the theme; it should give a clue to your guests as to what the theme will be at the shower.So, you can make invitation cards in shape of an elephant or just its head and trunk and write your contents at the back. The color of the cards could match your color scheme too!

 Invitation Cards

2. The Centerpiece And Decorations

The centerpiece at any party should be eye-catching and clearly resemble the theme. For a baby elephant theme you can make a large rolled diaper cake and put it on the lap of a baby elephant stuffed toy. The toy should comply with the color scheme. If you’ve selected a pink and gray the toy too should be of that color.

Don’t forget to decorate the diaper cake with ribbons, rattles and other toys. The most famous baby elephant is JUMBO. You can have his posters hung in the room. For the decorations you can create paper mobiles. At the end of the mobile strings stick a baby elephant made with paper. You may also create paper pom-poms to match the color scheme and hang theme all around. Ribbons and streamers of matching color may also be tied.

Centerpiece And Decorations

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3. The Baby Shower Cake

The baby shower cake is the most important part of the shower. Make or order a cake to resemble a baby elephant or just its head. The cake should have colors to match the theme but the flavor can be of your choice.If you are not going in for a cake then make cup cakes with elephant shaped fondants in variety of colors on the top and arrange them in a beautiful manner. This will serve both the purposes of food and that of display.

The Baby Shower Cake

4. Food And Drinks

The food and drinks should also match the color of the baby elephant. Say, if you’ve chosen a blue baby elephant you could have blue berry ice-cream or black-currant profiteroles. The plates and glasses could be ordered and have baby elephant pictures on them too. If you have sauces, you may label them as “Cranberry squirt” or “Tabasco Squirt” to keep up with the theme. Ready made straws with elephant motifs can be used for the drinks to give the drinks a touch of the theme.

Food And Drinks

5. Wisdom Tree

Make cards that have printed baby elephants on them. You have to arrange for a small tree with bare branches.Let the guests write down their wishes or some sound advice for the to-be-mother and hang it up on the branches with elephant shaped clothespins. Tell the guests to write down their names and addresses also, so that the to-be-mother can later send them thank you notes for their wishes and advices.

Wisdom Tree

6. Guest Favors

If you are thinking of giving gifts to the guests, the theme should play in here too. You could opt for cup cakes with baby-elephant shaped decorations and cute boxes.You may want to give away baskets of elephant shaped cookies beautifully wrapped with paper and ribbons.