6 Classy Music Wedding Theme Ideas

Classy Music Wedding Theme Ideas

A music themed wedding is the perfect choice for couples that are true music-lovers and want to have a classy and harmonious wedding celebration. It is also possible to have a theme twist when using a musical theme. For instance, you can have an operatic music themed wedding, a rock music themed wedding, etc. You could even incorporate all these little theme twists together to form an amazing general music wedding theme.

Classy Music Wedding Theme Ideas

A music wedding theme also offers the wedding planner a variety of options when it comes to invitations, favors, decorations, etc. If you want your wedding to feature the symphonic charm of this fabulous and classy theme, do read the following music wedding theme ideas.

Unique Ideas for Music Wedding Theme

Colors For A Music Wedding Theme

Black and white are the most commonly used colors for a music themed wedding and a black and white decor scheme really makes a wedding venue look fabulously elegant. The music wedding theme also usually features a slightly vintage look. You can also go in for a black, white and silver combination to add a bit of sparkle to a traditional music color scheme.

However, this lovely wedding theme is so flexible that you can use almost any color combination you like.  A black, red and gold combination for instance would be a fantastic color scheme choice for a music themed wedding especially if you want the venue to exude luxury and classiness at the same time.

Colors For A Music Wedding Theme

Music Wedding Theme Card Ideas

There are plenty of cards available that feature the most delightful music themed designs and motifs. Using paper that looks ‘old and yellowing’ (vintage type cardstock) for your music wedding themed cards is a great idea. The designs you can use include various musical notes like clef notes and signature notes, drawings of grand pianos, music sheet designs, electric or classical guitar designs and lots more.

If you want to make your invitations, place cards and other cards look more interesting, you can go in for music themed cards that resemble tickets or passes. You can either make these cards or purchase customizable music wedding theme cards online to suit your preferences. For the sake of uniformity, make sure the invitations and other cards all match.

Music Wedding Theme Card Ideas

Music Theme Ideas For Wedding Attire

A traditional white gown would go very well with any color combination. You can also go for a white gown with black accents for a really classy vintage look. Use satin ribbon with music note motifs to adorn the bridal bouquet to accentuate the music wedding theme. You can also use folded music sheets to hold the flowers.

For an extra and unique touch, role up a few music sheets into slender rolls and place them between the flower stems and other greenery in the bouquet. Match the flowers with the color scheme for a lovely effect. Wearing music themed jewelry like earrings, pendants and brooches in the shape of instruments and musical notes would also be a marvelous idea.

The bridesmaids can also wear similar jewelry and dresses that feature colors from the bridal gown accents and chosen color scheme. For the groom and best men, it’s best to stick to traditional black tuxedoes with boutonnieres that match the color scheme. However, the bridegroom can wear a white suit or tuxedo with a black or colored shirt for a unique look.

Wedding Attire

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Music Themed Decor

There are so many lovely music themed decorative ideas that you can use to create a pleasant ambiance for your music themed wedding. Music sheets can be used to make the most exquisite and artistic decorations. You can either purchase these online or ask a couple of artistic friends to help you make them.

You can roll them up and arrange them in containers for table decor or you can fold them and cut them into different shapes like hearts or guitars and make hanging decorations or wall decorations for the wedding venue. Music note decorations and instrument decorations can also be used in abundance to accentuate the music wedding theme. Even the cake can feature music note motifs and toppers.

Use black or colored satin ribbon adorned with music themed motifs on your wedding cake for extra aesthetic appeal. For a beautiful table setting, you can use miniature instruments like grand pianos, votive candles with music note accents and miniature music sheet stands (place card holders). You can also use vases and wreaths of flowers that match with the color scheme to add a fragrant touch to your music wedding themed decor scheme.

Music Themed Decor

Music Wedding Favors

Miniature instruments made of wood, metal or glass (or crystal if possible) would be a marvelous choice for music themed wedding favors. You could also give your guests useful music themed favors like music note key chains or stationery with music themed motifs. If you know your guests’ music preferences, you can gift them music CDs.

It is also possible to find edible music wedding theme favors online like music note shaped chocolates and more. Using decorative favor boxes which feature music themed designs like a music sheet design is a splendid idea if you want to accentuate the music wedding theme. You can also add an extra touch by adorning the favor boxes or packages with satin ribbon that features music note motifs.

Music Wedding Favors

Wedding Music For A Music Themed Wedding

No wedding would be complete without music as accompaniment and it is impossible to imagine a music themed wedding without music. Hence, it is really important that you create a list of beautiful and romantic songs to play during your wedding and reception.

The music you choose will not only depend on the music wedding theme twist you’ve chosen (like jazz or rock) but also on the couple’s preferences. If you can afford to hire a live band to perform at your wedding that would be perfect. Alternatively, if you have any musically inclined relatives or friends, they could perform during the reception.

It would be really nice to have a loved one playing the wedding song when the bride walks down the aisle. Involving the bride and bridegroom in the wedding activities is also a good idea. The bridal couple could perform a romantic duet which would be sure to charm the wedding guests and provide them with some really sweet memories.

Wedding Music