Circus Birthday Party Ideas

Circus Birthday Party Lots of streamers and balloons, a huge cake, heaps of gifts and a room full of beautiful people with heartfelt wishes! These are the things that make a birthday so special. This is the day when your kid becomes the centre of attraction. Children love colours and fun and there lies the success of themed birthday parties.

When it comes to funny clowns and all the little surprises of a circus, kids just love it! You can have a variety of ideas for a circus birthday party out of which some are discussed here:

Circus Birthday Party Ideas

The Big Tent

The main attraction of this party is a big circus tent in your lawn. You can keep soft toys like teddies, dolls and interactive toys like remote control cars.

You can decorate the rest of your lawn with colourful streamers and balloons. You can keep clown faced bowling pins and knock-down-the-clown can be a good game for the kids. As for food, you can keep cup cakes with clown face frosting, lolly pops, monkey and elephant (banana and peanut butter) sandwiches will also be fun foods for the kids.

Little Clowns

If it comes to organizing a circus birthday party for your one year old, you can make it the best with jugglers, clowns, and magicians from the circus itself and to make it worth remembering even when your kid is in his teens, arrange for cotton candies, popcorn, and peanuts.

Little Clowns

You can decorate your room with huge bunches of balloons. Bi-colour will be a good idea. Keep some loose balloons lying around. The cake should me made up with lots of colours and patterns on it.

Fun And Frolic

Decorate the room with animal posters, fairy tale characters, Disney characters and keep them at your child’s eye level. From the centre of the ceiling you can hang a bright, shiny and colourful goodie bag which can be deflated with darts. Fill the bag with toffees, chocolates, lollipops and whistles.

You can arrange a game where the kids will throw darts at the goody bag until someone deflates it. Once all the goodies fall, the one to collect maximum goodies wins the game. You can keep shakes and cookies in different animal shapes for food.

Clown Up Decor

Decorate the room with polka dotted balloons. You can hang glittered streamers from the ceiling. Bring one single circus clown to be the heart of the party.

Clown Up Decor

Arrange for clown accessories like red clown noses, yellow and orange wigs, and big red fur foot and distribute to your child’s friends. You can also keep hula hoops for the kids to perform. For food, you can make clown cones by filling sugar cones with ice cream and by using coloured icing, you can make a clown face.

Create A Photo Tent With Bright Colors

This is something that every child loves, to be clicked with candies amidst bright colours. Create a photo shoot area with bright colours and decorative items that resemble a circus backdrop. You can decorate the adjacent area by putting up small party tables for the kids.

You can use bright yellow, red, blue table covers and put stuffed toys on the table. You can also keep a selection of both pull-string piñatas and traditional piñatas. Popcorn machines, bubble machines, show cans will also fascinate kids. Keep peppy music for the kids.

Appropriate music CDs will be easily available in stores. For snacks, you can also arrange for frozen bananas on sticks sprinkled with crisp rice cereal and can name them as monkey treats.