5 Christmas Snack Ideas For Kids

5 Christmas Snack Ideas For Kids

Christmas Snack Ideas For Kids

With Christmas, get-togethers and family parties become an order of the day. However, in planning for the party, we often tend to forget about the kids attending the big event. Most food is tailor made to suit the taste buds of elders and some of it is slightly moderated for the younger lot. But, instead of modifying the existing food, why not create some interesting foods for the little ones. They would surely love to gorge on delicious and interesting snacks that have been specially prepared for them.

Without the right kind of food, children often end up eating loads of junk food. And this can be avoided by delivering a few Christmas snack ideas for kids. As a result, take the time out to prepare something interesting for your kids. Here is a list.

Christmas Snack Ideas For Kids 

Colourful Jellies

Colourful Jellies For Christmas Snack

Jellies can be easily made at home and if you wish to really want the kids to be interested in these colourful snacking items, prepare some beforehand. You can create some jelly cups with multicoloured jellies. Create some small cups containing red, green, yellow and blue jellies and alternatively, serve cups that have been layered with jellies in varied colours. You can even decorate it with an icing on top. Just use an icing bag and put dollops of cream on it.


A special cookie counter can be a great idea for serving special Christmas snacks to the kids. Different types of cookies in varied shapes can be put up at this counter. And if possible, you can also involve the kids in some cookie decorating activities. Let them put some icing sugar over the cookies or create interesting toppings with different types of dry fruits, candies and chocolates.

Cookies For Christmas Snack


Another great snacking idea that can be implemented during Christmas parties consists of pretzels. These are wonderful alternatives for unhealthy chips and are a favourite amongst children of all ages. The chocolate dipped pretzels are particularly in demand and you can try and get some of these varieties for the party.

Pretzels For Christmas Snack

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Fruit Bowls

Use a fancy glass bowl to toss up fruit cubes of your choice. You can use any seasonal fruit for this. Cut them into squares or small dices and mix it with some salt, pepper and a few drops of honey. Toss this entire mixture and serve it to the kids. Keep some toothpicks handy and encourage the kids to pick up the fruit cubes with the toothpicks. These savoury treats would definitely keep the kids occupied.

Fruit Bowls For Christmas Snack

Devilled Eggs

Devilled eggs, a common delicacy served in parties can also be a healthy snack for kids. Boil some eggs and cut them into halves. Remove the egg yolk and mash it. Mix it with mayonnaise, salt and pepper. To make it interesting, shredded cheese can also be mixed with the egg yolks.

Devilled Eggs For Christmas Snack

Prepare the stuffing for the devilled egg and insert it in the empty egg white shells. Serve it to the kids for Christmas and they would certainly love it.

Christmas Snack Ideas