Top 7 Insanely Easy Christmas Ornaments And Light Bulb Decorations

Insanely Easy Christmas Ornaments And Light Bulb Decorations

It’s time to celebrate Christmas function in different manner. The same type of celebration will be done with a much different theme. It is very superb to use various types of materials available at home in order to decorate the Christmas festival. Light bulbs are common types of articles that are of no use if they stop working. All these kinds of bulb articles can be recycled to prepare best Christmas decoration articles. It is really interesting to prepare some of the best demanding decorative items that can be used in one form or the other. You can simply use these old and waste items to decorate Christmas in a very unique manner.

Here Are The 7 Insanely Easy Christmas Ornaments And Light Bulb Decorations:

Hanging Bulbs On Tree

Christmas tree is a common scene in all homes during Christmas time. You can use some of these bulbs by customizing the color and look.  Take few of these bulbs and paint the outer layer of the bulb with creme color.  Color the holder part of the bulb with deep red color. Tie a thread to the holder and hang it on the Christmas tree to get best results.

Hanging bulbs on tree

Santa Claus bulb

You will be really amazed with this kind of attractive bulb arrangement that can be done at home. Take one normal size fuse bulb and spray paint the entire bulb with white color. Now prepare one cap made up of paper and fur. Place it on the holder side and use one sketch pen to draw the eye, nose and mouth of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus bulb

Glowing Bulbs

Fuse bulbs are of no use and hence are thrown out of the house. You can use your creativity to prepare some of the best design using these waste bulbs. You can color these fuse bulbs with sparkling colors as they look like glowing. You can also place a candle near the bulb to provide the light to the bulb.

Glowing bulbs

Sparkling Bulbs

Bulbs can be used to add sparkling and glittering colors on it. Take few small size used bulbs and cover the outer layer of the bulb with red velvet sparkles. Use thread to tie on the holder and then hang in the living room.  Hanging Christmas sparkling bulbs create a very different environment during Christmas Eve. It is very easy to prepare and it provides best results.

Sparkling bulbs

Woolen Bulbs

The right combination of waste woolen strips and waste bulbs can provide some of the best articles that can be used during Christmas event. Take some of these woolen patterns and cover the entire bulb with it. The color of the wool should be in contrast with the color of the bulb. Hang few of these decorative bulbs in living room or near the balcony to provide desired kind of look.

Woolen bulbs

Bulb Necklace

This particular type of arrangement of bulb requires small size bulbs to provide the desired model. Collect small size bulbs of same size and color them with various shades. Then tie all the bulbs with their holder in order to prepare a good looking necklace. Put one good ribbon nicely shaped as heart shape and pass down a good message for Christmas.

Bulb necklace

Christmas Theme Bulb

This particular type of model can be prepared on large size bulbs. Spray paint white color on the entire bulb. Allow it to dry and then stick green image of Christmas tree on the bulb. Then again spray paint with white color to resemble that of snow.

Christmas theme Bulb