3 Christmas Games For Kids

Christmas Games For Kids

Christmas party is an occasion to celebrate with great enthusiasm and entertainment. Many people come from different locations to meet their family and friends during this event and celebrate Christmas together. Kids are the most interesting part of this occasion as they can make it more eventful with their fun activities.

Therefore, planning to host some games events for kids would be a perfect idea to add some more color to Christmas. There are different game ideas that you can apply depending on what the kids in a Christmas gathering would be interested in. Let us look at a few game ideas for kids to play in a Christmas party.

Christmas Games For Kids

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs Game For Kids

Musical chairs is a very interesting game that most kids enjoy and would be an ideal choice for kids in a Christmas party. All you will need is the kids, some music related to Christmas, and a few chairs depending on the number of kids. Once you have met these requirements for the game, arrange the chairs in circle with sufficient space for the kids to run around. Start the music and let the kids keep walking around the circle.

Once you stop the music, the kids will occupy one chair each as quickly as possible. The one kid that is left out is out of the game. Remove one chair and repeat the game with the remaining kids. The one final kid that occupies the last chair after repeated rounds wins the game. To cherish this moment, you can offer a Christmas-related gift to the winner.

Snowman Hunt/Santa Hunt

Kids are fond of snowman and Santa during Christmas. Using paper-made snowman or Santa is another great part of an interesting game – Snowman Hunt or Santa HuntMake multiple snowmen or santas and hide them at different places that should not be very difficult for kids to hunt. You can then fix a few minutes for the kids to find the hidden snowman or Santa within the time limit. The kid who collects the maximum number of snowman or Santa will win the game.

Snowman Hunt Game For Kids

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Christmas Relay Race

Relay Race in a Christmas party is another such interesting game for kids. Draw two lines at opposite directions as start and end lines for the race. You can make more than two race tracks depending on the number of kids available. Then divide the kids into different teams with all teams having the same number of kids. At the start point, keep some Christmas-related items, such as candy or ornaments that can be easily carried.

Christmas Relay Race Game For Kids

Each kid in one team has to take one item and follow the allotted track to reach the end line and come back to the start point. Then the second kid in the same team takes another item to the end line and comes back to the start line. The team that finishes taking all items to the end line first would be the winner. Christmas party is always a great occasion to engage your kids with various game activities that can help in building their active learning skills.

Christmas Games Ideas For Kids