Christmas Celebration With Unusual Christmas Cards

Bored of the conventional Christmas card designs? Tired of following the old cut and stick method of preparing the Christmas cards? If yes, explore some unusual Christmas card ideas with us this Christmas. Spectacular and innovative, they are bound to add the tinge of spark to your Christmas celebration. Not only will you love to make them at home but also your loved ones will be surprised at the unique piece of art. The list below enfolds some cool and unusual Christmas card ideas. Have a look!

Christmas Celebration With Unusual Christmas Cards

Ideas for Unusual Christmas Cards

The Baking Tray Card

Everyone uses the baking tray for preparing amazing sweets and savory Christmas food items. How about using the same baking tray for preparing a cool card this Christmas? Surprised? Well, don’t be! All you need is a baking tray, card sheets, damp cloth, sponges, a comb, toothpicks and acrylic paints.

Christmas Celebration With Unusual Christmas Cards

Begin with deciding the dimensions of the print you wish and mark the rough dimensions on the back of the baking tray. Apply a thin layer of paint on the marked portion and use your fingers, skewer, sponge etc. to create a pattern or drawing. Wipe the edges clean with the help of a damp cloth or sponge. Press the blank card sheet on the back of the baking tray and remove to witness an amazing pattern on the card.

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The Recycled Card

Wish to spread a message with your cards this Christmas? If yes, this is the perfect option for you. Recycle the paper at home and prepare your own cards. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Begin with collecting the old newspapers and shredding them off into small bits. Prepare a mixture of water and glue (ratio 3:1) and prepare a paste with shredded paper bits and color of your choice.

Lay down a layer of the paste on a plastic sheet and spread it as thinly as possible. Cover it with another plastic sheet and press hard. Leave it for drying. Once dried, write the message of your choice on the card and you are all set to spread the message of safeguarding the environment this Christmas.

The Christmas Goodie Card

Christmas Celebration With Unusual Christmas Cards

How about incorporating each element of Christmas in your Christmas card? Well, don’t worry; it is not that difficult as much as it sounds. “Be creative” is the bottom line for preparing this card. You can stick a miniature stocking, a segment of artificial Christmas tree, miniature candies and goodies, a miniature Santa hat, etc. on your card. Let your creative juices flow and make the card as colorful as possible.

The Personalized Photo Card

If you wish to make your loved one feel special, there can be nothing better than gifting a personalized photo card this Christmas. Pick out a beautiful picture of yourself clicked with your loved one. Prepare a picture frame out of old cardboard sheets and place the photo inside it. Stick the frame on the card sheet and write your personalized message. Spread a message of love this Christmas with some unusual Christmas cards.