Chic Wedding Reception Themes

Shades Of Blue

At the closing stages of the wedding ceremony, all the entire guests wait for the wedding reception, for the much needed drink and the appetizing food. What make the wedding reception successful are the magnificent arrangements, and the theme that is carried on in the venue.

Go all out on the theme and let every aspect of the venue scream out the theme. Choose the theme which relates to you as an individual, your hobbies, and important events of your life, choose the theme that is pertinent to you.

Chic Wedding Reception Ideas

All Shades Of Blue

Blue is a colour that symbolises peace and this is the colour of the ocean; this is an apt theme when you are entering the phase of your married life. Make use of all the possible shades of blue and this gives a trendy look to the venue and this is a perfect summer theme.

Shades Of Blue

The theme should run through all the factors in the wedding, choose a light blue dress for the bride’s maid with silver work around the waist and the hands.

Decor – Venue

The flower arrangement for the centre piece of the table should have blue flowers such as orchids, do an arrangement with blue and white orchids and this would be breathtaking. The entrance of the venue, where the bride and groom makes the royal entry should be adorned with blue flowers on a frame with white organza ribbons. Tie around dark blue organza around the chairs, this add colour to the room.

Table – Food

The napkins on the table should be blue in colour with white prints on them, along with matching plates.

Table & Food

Let the centre piece of the table be decorated, with a wedding cake which is two tiered decorate with light blue icing, adorned with silver beads around the border, this would be awe-inspiring.


If you love flowers, make you special day flowery with this theme, it would be appropriate if the venue is outdoors.


The area where the main ceremony is taking place should be decorated with flowers, let the centre piece of the area be strings of flower hanging from the ceiling, stopping at a safe distance of the height of the bride and the groom.


The centre piece of the tables for the guests should have flat bowls with floating flowers in it.

Bridal March

The theme should scale through the dress of the bride, the gown of the bride should have shiny flower motifs on them and everything would be in sync. The bride’s maids instead of bouquets should have string of jasmine flowers around their hands and dropping down in a pattern, it does not touch the floor, and this would be a trend setter.

The ideal cake for this theme would be a cake with swirls of red butter cream in the shape of a rose, what an eye catching reception it would be.

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Fairy Tale Theme

The bride should be the princess of the day and should steal the limelight, let the couple be in a fairy land  .The venue for this theme should be a castle this gives a rustic touch and gives it the needed glam and glitz.

Fairy Tale

The pathway that the bride enters should be adorned with rose petals, symbolising a red carpet entry. The gown of the bride should be designed in a way that it trails when the bride walks through.

The bouquet of the bride and the bride’s made should be red roses with long steps with a silver bow around it with the ends hanging down.


The centre piece of the table should have tall rustic candle stand with embellishments’ on them, with scented candles burning bright. There should be napkin holders and gold finish cutlery displayed on the table.

Cup – Cakes, Iced With Light Pink Butter Icing Should Take The Centre Stage

All the favors should be wrapped in pink colour glitter paper or handmade bags with bows attached to its handles.

Cup & Cakes

The guests would be awe-struck, by the gorgeousness of the venue and your day would be a stand out among the other weddings they would have attended.